Video: Dad of the Year!

Naturally Ace and AllahPundit both hate this; but I think  this is just pretty darn awesome.

To be fair, I should point out; that the guy does have his own facebook page; one personal and one for his book. The dude is in IT. Go figure.

Not the way I would promote a book or raise money for MDA; but….hey, fame is fame, right? Milk it Tommy…Milk it for all it is worth. ;) :D

Needless to say, I highly doubt said daughter will be mouthing off on facebook anytime soon. Shooting a laptop.. Ouch. That’s just harsh. :shock:

To add some unrelated hilarity to this — the dude is a CB’er. heh….  10-4 on the shot up laptop come ‘on…. :lol:

For what it is worth; contary to what one might think, Timothy is not from Texas, he’s from North Carolina. Close enough. ;)


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