Never trust a Baptist

Looks like this Church learned the lesson I learned here a few years ago:

A West Bloomfield man was arraigned Thursday on charges that he embezzled more than $600,000 from a Pontiac church over the last six years, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said.

Reuben Bynum, 61, was released on bond. He had been the financial officer for Trinity Baptist Church until August, when the money was discovered missing, the Sheriff’s Office said.

A complaint from a deacon led to a review of church accounts, the Sheriff’s Office said. It showed that Bynum forged a signature on church checks and misused a church ATM card.

via West Bloomfield man faces charges of embezzling $600,000 from church | Detroit Free Press |

It is a lesson that I learned here back in 2006, which I wrote about here a few weeks ago, when writing about something else — and that is, if a Baptist knows that they can stab you in the back, they will most likely do it. Although, to be fair to my Baptist brethren, most so-called Christians would do it too.

One thought on “Never trust a Baptist

  1. There are sinners within each religous faith.  That will not stop me from listening to a good sermon and keeping holy the Sabath.  I don’t think any more Baptists are dinhonest than most other religions that believe in Jesus.  I do beleive that it takes money to pay for a house where worship takes place and will continue to assume that most of my contributions go to  pay such a place as well as what I consider to be  gifted teachers including their  food, transportation clothes and shelter.  Many will take all you give them and spend it on additional extravigences.  I still do not think that I gave to much , but may alter where it goes when I find out that the one I gave to has more than they need.  Unfortunatley, teachers about Jesus are sinners and therefore , improprieties will always occur over a length of time.

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