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  1. Charles Bosler

    There are sinners within each religous faith.  That will not stop me from listening to a good sermon and keeping holy the Sabath.  I don’t think any more Baptists are dinhonest than most other religions that believe in Jesus.  I do beleive that it takes money to pay for a house where worship takes place and will continue to assume that most of my contributions go to  pay such a place as well as what I consider to be  gifted teachers including their  food, transportation clothes and shelter.  Many will take all you give them and spend it on additional extravigences.  I still do not think that I gave to much , but may alter where it goes when I find out that the one I gave to has more than they need.  Unfortunatley, teachers about Jesus are sinners and therefore , improprieties will always occur over a length of time.

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