School shooting in Chardon, Ohio

As you might have heard there has been a school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, which I believe is near Cleveland. It has been confirmed that one student is dead. is reporting that the shooter is in custody and that there was some sort of a warning on twitter last night. UrbanGrounds says that students and teachers being armed would stop this sort of thing. I agree on the teachers; but I really do not think that junior high students should be armed. High School seniors, maybe. Junior High students? No Way.

I think that it is just a reflection on society really. As long as there are jocks, as long as there are outcasts, stuff like this shooting will take place. I also see here that the shooter was targeting people. This is not a big shock to me, this kid was obviously pissed at some people and was out for revenge. Now he will be tried as an adult and spend the rest of his life in jail.

A life wasted and a life lost; and many lives ruined and scarred; over a bunch of high schooler stupidity. What a waste. 🙁

Update: Before any idiot liberals come by here and try to say that I am a hypocrite for writing this here. I will say this; there is a big difference between oppressive Government pushing someone to do something like this and some kid being pushed by other kids to do something like this. It is a totally different situation and if liberals don’t get that, then they should not be writing on a blog, much less driving a car. 😡

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