Further thoughts on the passing of Andrew Breitbart

I hate having to write this, because it makes me feel like I am capitalizing on the death of another human being, this is why that you have not seen me posting tribute videos to the man.  It is not that I did not respect the man; I did, very highly.  However, I did not know the man at all.  Therefore, to me, it seems a bit cheap to write as if we were the best of friends.  We were not, and I do not wish to make it seem that we were.

The reason why I am writing this blog entry is that, frankly, I am a bit pissed off at a number of things.  I am pissed at myself; I am pissed off at Alex Jones and the mindless morons that follow that person as if he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.  I have only myself to blame too.  Yesterday, when news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing broke, I took to my blog here and wrote, what I felt was a fair tribute to the man.  In my haste to bring some sort of reasoning to the horrible event that had happened, I wrote something now, that if I had to do it over again; I would have never, in a million damned years would have ever written.

I wrote this:

I just hope that there is an autopsy.  I do not really believe that it was natural causes.  I believe they killed him — his enemies — the Chicago political machine.  Andrew recently said that he had tapes of Obama from years ago in Chicago.  Who is to say that someone did not poison him?  Who is to say that Barack Obama did not get nervous and order someone within that Chicago mob to go out to California and follow Andrew around and slip something in his drink to trigger a heart attack?  These far-leftists, they have no shame, they have no honor, and they will do anything — including murder — to further their agenda.  Unlike most of you that will read this, I do not choose to trust the liberal-owned, controlled, and financed media.  They are the ones that went into the tank for Obama; they are the ones who coordinate with the White House.  Now do you really think they would tell the truth about this?  Please, tell me another good joke.            

 Furthermore, I do not trust the Government of California and that goes right down to the morgue.  Those bastards are all liberal right down to the grunt workers in the hospitals.  Who is to say that Breitbart did not just faint from exhaustion and medics pick him up and take him to the hospital and they realize who he is and they inject him with something to kill him?  Tell me; is it wrong to speculate on stuff like this?  Is the left above such things?  Are Obama and his Chicago men above this?  I think not.

I will fully admit, in hindsight, that was not one of my brightest moments.  To my weak defense, this was much before I know any damned thing about the Andrew Breitbart’s personal health problems.  What pisses me off to the high damned heavens is the fact that these damned conspiracy theories are now rampant on the internet that somehow or another Andrew Breitbart was assassinated by President Obama or that somehow or another the Government took him out, because of the videos that Andrew had or whatever those people are now saying.  My point is this: I played a minor role in it and now I feel like a complete and utter asshole because of it.  I mean, I do not trust the Government anymore the rest of you that happen to read this blog.  Nevertheless, I just cannot bear to think that I may have hurt Andrew’s wife and kids —because I happened to freak out for a brief second and wrote something before I knew all of the facts.

For the record, I deleted that section of the posting and the tweets that I sent out in that vein of thought, out of respect for the family; but now it seems that Alex Jones is now linking to HotAir.com and their posting, which contained a trackback to me.  They see this and think, “Oh he was pressured by Obama to remove his words!”  I know this, because I know how those idiots over at Alex Jones’s site think.

Therefore, let the record show; I was not ever contacted by the United States Government, the Obama Administration or even the Breitbart family at all.  I removed the text that I quoted above because I thought it was the decent, right, honorable thing to do.  

Another thing too, is the left — I must say, they have really outdone themselves this time.  Matt TaibbiSeriously, dude?  I mean, this man; I actually respected the man for the honest reporting he did about Afghanistan.  Then, he goes and writes this about a man, whose dead body is not even in the ground and he writes that?  Please, do not try and tell me anything about any sort of idiotic moral equivalence either; because the last time I checked, Andrew Breitbart did not drive any cars off any bridges and leave any of his personal assistances to die in a lake — unlike a Democrat that I know.  Sure, Ted Kennedy did much for the middle class, the disabled, and the rest of the damned entitlement groups, as did his family.  However, that does not take away from the fact that the man at the very least was a drunken coward.

It is not just Matt Taibbi either; it is the entire moral core of the liberal left in this Country.  The proud pro-American moral code of the Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson era has been replaced by the moral decadence of the neo-left.  Which is of course, the fruits of the 1960’s mantra of “If it feels good, do it” generation.  There is no honor, there is no integrity, there is nothing but their little self-righteous game of Frankfort School fake moral code that they live by, which is ripe full off utter and contemptible contradictions.  Andrew Breitbart knew this, he rubbed their damned faces in it, with utter schoolboy-like joy, and that is why the liberal left hated his damned guts.  It is also why the liberal left hates people like me especially, because I, more than anyone; know their moronic tactics.

Now Andrew Breitbart is gone.  The torches always flame out, so they say —- Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Terry Kath, Woody Guthrie, Christopher Hitchens — and now Andrew Breitbart.   The 26 club is the now the 42 club — A good number of people that I know have died at or around the age of 42; and as someone who is aged 39 – it worries me.  I have too much to do, I have parents to look after and eventually — bury.  This all makes me, a least a little, fret about my health and my future; I do not smoke or drink, so I am good there; my eating habits could be better.  However, it is not all Twinkies and candy bars for me, I good eat food, much of it — herein is the problem.

As for the Conservative movement, we are left to pick up the slack, to continue to write about the left and their tactics, their President, their mess, their ruining of the Capitalistic system — their damned open sewer that we the tax payer is left on the hook to pay for.  It can be depressing and hazardous to your health, if you let it become that.  Sometimes, one needs to walk away from all for a weekend or a week, if need be — to stop smell the roses and tune out of politics for a while.  I have done it in the past; I did it for about three days here recently.  It felt good, but by Sunday night, I was chomping at the bit to come back and write more.  Politics is like nicotine, once it gets into you, you always crave it.

I think the worst thing that we could do, is louse up this election in 2012.  Andrew Breitbart would be pissed, if we just “half-assed” the election.  We have to win this and run the damned progressives out of Government, at least for four years, and preferably for eight good years.  I also think we should not try to channel Breitbart at all.  Andrew Breitbart was Andrew Breitbart and we should not try to channel his style or behavior at all.  Rush is doing that right now and he is terrible at it!  Coulter should be Coulter, Rush should be Rush, Levin should that Levin, Hannity should be Hannity — in our words, be ourselves!

At the same time though, we should not be afraid to speak out; we should be or at least try to be fearless in the face of what we, as Christians, Conservatives, and libertarians know to be evil.  We should not be afraid to speak out against the entitlement mentality of the far-left, we should not be afraid to speak out against the idiotic and satanic unchristianizing of America, by the atheist left in this Country.  We should not be afraid to speak out against the far lefts unbridled attack on the traditional values of this Country; to Bill O’Reilly’s credit, there is a war, and yes, it is on Christmas.

I would put something in here saying that the Conservative blogosphere in Breitbart’s memory should try at least amongst ourselves to at least be civil to each other and try to look out for one another.  However, I know bloggers, and I know the Conservative Blogosphere; and if you are not in with the “In crowd” you are ignored and in some cases persecuted, lied about, used as a pawn in blog wars and all sorts of other stupidity that comes along with the territory.  Believe you me, I know all about it, which is why I tend to stay to myself anymore.  I just do not need the trouble with anyone anymore.  I am in a situation here, where I cannot come to their functions; and most of them hate me, because of my blue dog Democrat past.  Therefore, I just avoid them and their conflicts.  I write about what is in my RSS feeds and do my own thing here.  I would like to see some unity amongst the right; but that is, I am afraid, a pipe dream — at least with me.

In conclusion: Andrew Breibart was a self-made man.  That alone should be enough to make one admire him.  He stood up for, and died defending what he believed; for this, he should be remembered.

Rest in peace Andrew, you have more than earned it.  We will take it from here and keep America the place you loved — I hope.

2 thoughts on “Further thoughts on the passing of Andrew Breitbart

  1. Perhaps you might take the time to read the articles on Breitbart publsihed at Sinclair News/LS News Group before you so easily call them “all these damn conspiracy theories” Nothing in either of the articles imply or suggest that Andrew died of anything other than heart attack. The article relaying a Feb 9, 2012 conversation between Andrew, Larry and others was reported because of the ironey of his passing on the very day he mentioned would come with something happening that would piss off the left.

    In closing, we actually got our information directly from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the LA County Coroners office.

    1.  If this is the Larry Sinclair I think it is; you have zero credibility with me, and I think you know why.

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