UPDATED: In defense of John Derbyshire

Kudos to John Derbyshire for telling the damned truth!

To the liberals giving him grief about it; I got one thing to say —- SCREW YOU!

and I mean that in the most Christian way that I can muster.


Update: Upon further reflection, I believe that no real purpose is served by posting that little rant that I posted. I don’t claim originality on it; it was something I pulled from the net. There were parts of it, that I did not agree with at all. However, I want it to be known, I support John Derbyshire because he is not only factually right, but he does have a right to his opinion. I find the actions of National Review to be cowardly.

To those who came and were offended at my reposting of that rant; I apologize. But I do not apologize for my feelings toward those who callously murdered my cousin in 1994. May his memory live on forever.

This posting is dedicated to the loving memory of  my cousin —- Michael Landon Hill:

My Cousin "Mikey" as we all called him, when we were kids --- As I remember him, full of life and a little mischief! Miss you Cousin, alot. :-(
MIchael Landon Hill 1972 - 1994 --- Murdered by two black and one Latino Corrupt Detroit Cops.

Update: Please, read the follow-up! Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “UPDATED: In defense of John Derbyshire”

  1.  The joke is, most black kids would be better off getting the same talk. Trayvon Martin is a statistical outlier, given that a young black man is most likely to die at the hands of another young black man.

  2.  adjusted for single parent household factor the black and white crime rates are identical, unfortunately single parenthood is many times more common in the black community

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