UPDATED: Follow up: Why I wrote what I wrote

I really do not feel that I have to do this; but because I have stuck my neck out and have decided to defend the indefensible, I think I should be clear on where it is that I stand.  I am referring to my “last minute,” “off the cuff,” posting defending John Derbyshire’s bold move to say the things that most people would not have to “gonads” to say themselves, much less in a public setting.

I wrote, what I wrote, because it is the plain damned truth; it is not political correct, it is not what most people would consider civil conversation — but it is the damned truth.  The truth is there is a damned double standard in this Country.  Blacks and Yes, Jews can rip on white people all day long in this Country and not a word of dissent will be aired against them.  However, you let a white person such as myself — or someone of a different race, like Rick Sánchez — say a word that is considered “hate speech” (an invention of the bunch of Marxist Jews from Germany that fled to New York’s Columbia University) and you watch how quickly that the politically correct crowd comes down on them.  Let me blunt, the damned double standard in this Country, whether invented by the Marxist left or whomever — sucks to the damned high heavens.

Because of that damned double standard in this Country, is why my Cousin Michael Landon Hill was brutally murdered by Black and Latino cops in southwest Detroit’s Delray district in 1994.  It is because of that double standard that the Detroit Police blatantly lied about why they opened fire on my Cousin.  It is because of that double standard about why the Media did not investigate or even really bother writing an honest story about the murder of my Cousin.  It is that mentality that blacks and Latinos can do what they damned well please to whites and nothing will become of it.  That is because progressive blacks and Latinos believe honestly that white people are evil racists and get what they deserve — that is what they believe, they have believed it for years, their Churches have preached it and now my Cousin is laying in graveyard because of it.  It is taught in America’s schools today, it is preached by progressive propagandists, and it is why this damned Country and the City of Detroit is in the horrible shape that they are in to this day.

Should I make apologies?  If I offended any of my readers for what I wrote, for daring to speak out in support MY RACE, MY CULTURE, and MY FAMILY, then I am sorry.  However, if you think for one second that I am going to apologize for expressing how I truly feel about Latinos and Blacks — you are out of your damned mind. The truth is, I owe Blacks and Latinos and yes —- Jews —- nothing at all.  If you are Jewish, I have zero quarrels with you at all; but, please, if I happen to say something you do not like, SUCK IT UP and please, do not wave your damned yarmulke in my face, and call me a hater —-because if you do, I am going to tell you to kiss my ass.

My name is Charles Patrick Adkins, I am a proud White, Patriotic, American, and I approve this message because frankly, I am damned tired of the stupidity that passes for intelligence in this Country.

Update: Macsmind Agrees, John Derbyshire was right.

Update #2: Vox Day Agrees that Derbyshire was right.

Update #3: As I suspected would happen, National Review fires John Derbyshire. Fucking cowards. :mad:


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