Charles Foster Johnson thinks we Christian people are spooky!

I hate to be the one to do this sort of a thing. But our resident pompous asshat has written stupidity again:

My jaw hit the floor when I read this headline. “Center-right?” They have got to be kidding. has been busily promoting every lunatic far right conspiracy theory that bubbles up from the toxic Tea Party base, including Birtherism. And Drudge Report? You mean the site that has a permanent link to Alex Jones’ whacked-out conspiracy site and frequently features their insane stories? This is “center right” now?

Now while he might be right about the center-right thing. His whole bigotry towards Christians shines though:

Ladies and gentlemen — the new “center right.” And this selection is just a fraction of the hatred in this thread, of course. I didn’t quote the dozens of commenters calling Obama “the Antichrist” and “Satan.”

Satan, Anti-Christ? Oh my! Christians speaking their minds. Spoooooky….. :shock:

Cue the music clip!

and by the way Chuckles Johnson:

Sometimes my sarcasm is so good, I amaze myself. :P

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