Saturday Night at the Movies: “Murder City” by Al Profit

This is something that I have been thinking of doing for a long time. A regular feature Movie posting every Saturday Night.

Tonight’s feature is “Murder City” a very real, very raw and very honest documentary on the City of Detroit. This movie covers the City of Detroit since the days of prohibition up to the events as of recent.

I want to forewarn ALL of my readers. This is movie is RAW, telling the Detroit story from people who live in it. There is language in this movie that might offend some people. I also want to make very clear, that this movie is NOT being posted with any sort of racial bias or bigotry at all. After all, Detroit is where I grew up.

On a personal note: A while back, I told you that I was quite saddened to find out that the Church that I grew up in, Detroit Grace Assembly of God, was closing its doors for good. The reason I was saddened about that so much, is because much of what you are about to see in this movie, is what I grew up around in the 1980’s in southwest Detroit. Grace Assembly, for me, was a means of escape away from the stuff that you are about to watch in this movie.

Sadly, one of my cousins, Michael Landon Hill, was killed in 1994; by two Detroit Police Officers, who were one of the many corrupt police officers in the city of Detroit. It is something that I, nor my family, will ever get over. The sick part, is because of the media bias and running narrative in the media with minorities and whites — my cousin’s murder never made it to the news. At least not the true story of what happened with him.

Without further delay, I present to you, Murder City:

Al Profit’s website and YouTube Channel

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