1. Patti King

    Come on!!! Stop with the Mormonism and suggestions of bigamy ….not funny and the liberal freaks say enough without our side doing their work for them. Just think it’s bad taste and 2 wks to election…dumb!

    • Hi Patti,

      You should really go say that over on Tucker’s site (Daily Caller) and not mine. Furthermore, like you said, if the left had made such an asinine statement, the right would be all over it; but, because Tucker is on the right, not many people are saying much about it. That is a double standard and it is not fair to Romney at all.

      I am not a Mormon, I am an Independent Baptist; but if I were, I would be highly ticked off about it. I think Romney needs to take a proactive stance with this issue.



  2. I think another good point is this here. If we’re not going to get excited over this and act like it is no big deal. Then we should not say a WORD, when left makes stupid comments about Romney and Co. Because if we cannot deal with our own stuff, we should not raise a flag on the other side.

    just my opinion.

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