This is why I dislike Bill Kristol very much

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The Story via JTA’s Capital J Blog:

(UPDATED with ECI comment and J Street cartoon, below)

My synagogue listserve in northern Virginia is abuzz with a Robocall campaign, by the Emergency Committee for Israel.

The caller ID is that of William Kristol, who founded the group.

Robocalls are not known for straight-up accounts of the issues. Still, the deceptions in this one are a little stunning.

The call is in the form of a "debate" between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu.

There has never been any such debate, of course, and it’s immediately clear to me that it’s a mock-up, with "answers" spliced in from different appearances. But I’m steeped in this. I don’t know how clear it would be though to someone who doesn’t follow this day to day.

More substantively, the quote grabs have almost nothing to do with one another, although this is not evident in the calls. A more accurate presentation of the Netanyahu quote that is used would suggest that the two leaders are actually more in agreement on nuclear Iran — the issue of the "debate" — than not.

Obama’s "opening remark", in which he "respects" Iran’s sovereignty, is from a press conference in 2009, in which he rejected Iranian claims of U.S. involvement in post-election protests — and also decried Iranian repression of the protesters. It had nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear capability.

Netanyahu’s "response" is from his speech to AIPAC this year (three years later!)

What is Kristol’s response to this?:

*UPDATE: Kristol emails:

ECI exists to provide opportunities for faux liberal outrage.

I will just say it; Bill Kristol is a NEO-CON piece of shit, he always has been and always will be! Between Him and John Podhoretz; if the Republican Party loses this election, it will be because of Kristol and  Podhoretz. We have a good chance to stop this socialist from destroying this Country and what does this schmuck do? This sort of idiotic crap.

Also too, yes, I know JStreet is a liberal Jewish organization; I get that, alright? But, this sort of stuff, a week before the election is just damned uncalled for. Maybe, just maybe Kristol is doing this to sabotage Romney’s prospects, seeing that Kristol and his ilk are making a killing being Obama’s kneecapper, maybe he is protecting his interests.

I’m just saying.  

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