Next someone tells you that liberals are the enlightened ones

Show them this.

Now obviously this guy was just using his appearance to get money and succeeded. However, allow me to share something with you.

I am a fat guy okay? Sometimes we fat people do sweat, and because of that, we sometimes do put off a little body odor. I have been a situation once, where I was being harassed because a little body odor that I had, because I was doing physical labor. Finally, I said the magic words, “Get off my ass, or I will see you in court!” Well, not long after that, I ended up losing the job assignment, as it was a “head hunter agency” job. But I still feel to this day, that I was; one being pestered, because I was overweight and two, because I was white. My boss was black. His name? Ronald Slaughter. That man hated white people with a passion and it showed. He works or did work for Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan.

So, I can see how this guy feels. The sick thing is; this is hipster Los Angeles. These are supposed to be enlightened Liberals.

Oh, the job, I drove straight truck for a “head hunter” agency. It was “PC refresh” project. Yes, it was labor intensive, believe me, I had the sore back to prove it. I remember ol’ Ronald Slaughter, how he told me once in his office, “Ain’t no body give a fuck what you think, whitey.” I never forgot that; never saw racial hatred from blacks to whites before.

Needless to say, that changed my attitude towards black people. That and my cousin getting killed in Detroit in 1994.

By the way, Ron Slaughter; if you see this —- screw you Jiggaboo… Devil

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