I know I said I was leaving for a few days. But, I wanted to bring one thing to light here.

You remember that site that I linked to?

It magically disappeared. That’s right, right into the ether.

How ironic is it that Ed Brayton, out of nowhere, links to me for the sole purpose of mocking me for what I stand for; as a “wingnut” and then an anonymous blog appears, that looks like mine, complete with perfectly copied typing style of mine; and then when the eyeballs show up, it disappears?

What do you think is happening? I might not be smartest man in the world; but I am not a fool. I smell coordination.

This  just shows me just how low that these people will go to malign, discredit, smear, libel those who dare to happen to believe in a higher power. This is nothing more than the tactics of Satan himself.

I do know not personally who is involved and quite honestly; I could really care less. What troubles me, is that it is happening at all. Because, quite frankly, these tactics are on par with what happened in Nazi Germany and in the communist Soviet empire. In case you are dense, I am referring to fascism.

Whether hard or soft; fascism is wrong and should not happen in a free Republic. However the events of the last 24 hours, have proven to me, that the forces of the fascists are alive and well.

This, my friends; is the great American tragedy.

I leave you with this, Mr. Brayton, take a bow, because you are:

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About The American Patriot

Short Bio: I started blogging about politics in 2006, as a populist, skeptical left of center type, with a blog called simply, "The Populist." I suspect, but cannot prove; that my blog might have been hacked by some evil neoconservatives. I cannot prove that at all and also too, around the same time. Hackers from China where attacking wordpress blogs. I believe either the Neocons or the Chinese got my site. I don't know honestly know which. Either way, by 2007, I began to see that I really did not fit within the Democrat Party and liberal circles and after my blog was hacked; I created a blog called "Political Byline" and I kept writing; first as a Centrist and then as a Paleoconservative. For my long bio, see the "About Me" section on this blog.


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