Allen West finally concedes to Patrick Murphy

I wrote once before about this affirmative action Republican and now it seems that Allen West has decided to take his big bucket of chicken and go home, which is right where he belongs.  That’s right I said that about you, jar-head West, sue me. 

Politico reports:

Florida Rep. Allen West — the tea party pugilist and face of the class of House Republicans that stormed to power two years ago — conceded Tuesday to 29-year-old construction executive Patrick Murphy in one of the nation’s highest-profile congressional races.

After two weeks of battle with St. Lucie County elections officials — and a recount of early votes that wound up extending Murphy’s lead — West acknowledged that he couldn’t surmount his 1,904-vote, or 0.58 percent, deficit. That difference was just outside the 0.5 percent threshold to automatically trigger a recount of all votes.

So the brash conservative opted to bow out rather than wage a long and costly court battle he was unlikely to win.

“For two weeks since Election Day, we have been working to ensure every vote is counted accurately and fairly. We have made progress towards that goal, thanks to the dedication of our supporters and their unrelenting efforts to protect the integrity of the democratic process,” West said in a statement to POLITICO. “While many questions remain unanswered, today I am announcing that I will take no further action to contest the outcome of this election.”

West congratulated Murphy, saying, “I pray he will serve his constituents with honor and integrity, and put the interests of our nation before his own.”

You mean, like when you put your own interests ahead of the people who elected you? Like, when you called members of the congressional black caucus communists? You mean, like when you broke the damned rules of engagement in Iraq, all so that you could look good supposedly save the lives of your fellow troops?

Sorry to say this sir; but you are nothing, but a goddamned disgrace to this Country, to the United States Military and to the political process in this damned Country! Furthermore, if there was any sort of decency in this Country or in the United States Military, you would cooling your heels in a Military prison in Leavenworth, Texas!

You seem to think that because you are black, and because you served in the United States Military; that somehow or another you are entitled to be in politics and are somehow or another special enough to represent this Country? You sir, deserve nothing at all, but scorn from this Nation. I happen to be a white conservative, who believes in rule of law and you sir did not uphold that principle, not only during your time in Iraq, but also during this election, where you got your little black butt kicked.

No, this is not about racism, not at all. Anyone that reads this blog, knows that I have nothing but disdain for this sort of stuff. What this is about, is me having a personal problem with someone, who used his Military credentials, despite the fact that he was a known law-breaker, to get public office. If it were not for the so-called Tea Party movement, and for the money of some rich white people in south Florida, who wanted a puppet in Congress. This guy would be shining shoes at the five and dime store.

Some of my long time readers and those who used to read my old blog, remember that I used to support this buffoon, when he ran for office and then after he was elected. Then, after he was elected, he started making these ridiculous statements to the media. This is when I knew that this man was not quite ready for prime-time. I regret any and all that I ever wrote in support of this guy. Because, quite franking, this idiot made the conservative movement look quite stupid.

Here is to sanity in south Florida and in Conservative politics. Congratulations to Patrick Murphy in a decisive win against a total buffoon.

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