Why because Obama is black?

Sorry, even I cannot sit here and not think that some people are just being racist. No, this is not a joke either.

Creepy? Seriously?

What they’re talking about is this:

A mural made for the United States first black President, in Burma.

It was done out of respect for the President. But yet, the so-called “Conservative” media and blogosphere says its “creepy.”

Sorry, but this little piece of so-called “Conservative media” makes me so angry, that I actually feel the need to fire up the word processing program and write a couple good lines about it.

As many of you know, I, at one time, was a Democratic Party voter. I grew up in southwest Detroit. I went to Church there for over eleven years. I lived in southwest for seventeen years. I grew up with, went school and Church with blacks, Latinos, and yes, the occasional white person. Therefore, this idiotic nonsense that the conservative media seems to think is funny, is just not registering as such on my humor meter.

Could it honestly be that the word “creepy” is the new racial codeword for black? I would really hope that the right is not that stupid and not that great of bigots. I fully admit in my day, of taking potshots at minorities and doing that in an inartful manner usually, because I was angry.

Therefore, I am issuing a message to the so-called “conservative media.” You are all on notice from here on out. No more, am I going to just sit here, chuckle, and not bring up the racist undertones of things that you say. I am going to start highlighting it. You say, “What about what is on your header?” Yeah, what about it? Sorry to tell you, but that is not racism that is the truth about Islam. Therefore, that little defense is out.

I am sorry, but I am becoming a little bit tired of the stupid hatred, by the so-called “conservative media” and so called “conservative blogosphere” towards the President of the United States of America, and all because he is a black man. It is getting to be a little bit old, at this point.

Here is a bit of a dose of cold, hard reality for you stupid idiots on the right. You want to know why you lost this election —- Because of stupid stuff like this right here! You do know that there are people who actually read those blogs of yours and my blog as well — from all sorts of racial backgrounds — Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and many more. Do you really honestly think that some undecided voter is really going to want to vote for a Republican candidate, if they happen to read some nuanced racism on a Conservative blog towards the President? I really think not.

Therefore, I am just going to tell it like it is. Therefore, men and women of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement hear me loud and clear: either this idiotic continuing use of nuanced racism of blacks and Latinos stops, or I am not voting for your party any longer. I voted for the Republican Governor here in Michigan. I voted for the Republican candidate for President of the United States and I do not regret that vote. However, I will not continue to vote for your party, if all you people, who claim to support that party can do, is continue to belch forth nuanced or otherwise — racism towards minorities. It has to stop, and I have just about had enough of it for one lifetime.

I will make a full admission on this blog, right here and right now. I never really was a Republican or that hard of right wing Conservative. I am simply a thinking American, who happens to be a bit of independent politically. I am also someone who was opposed to the nomination of the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States back in 2007. It had, and still does have nothing to do with his skin color. It had and still does have to do with the fact that the man was a full on hard leftist. To his credit, he is trying to run the Country as a centrist, but failing at it badly.

Therefore, I issue this dire warning to the Republican establishment types, to the conservative grassroots, to the so-called “conservative” blogosphere. Quit it with the racism — nuanced or otherwise. Because you know what — You are really starting to piss me the hell off. I have been known to mock and deride the White Nationalists on this blog. In fact, I have done so, on my old blog. If you think that, I will not start doing this to you all, think again. Furthermore, I will just say it: President Barack Obama is in his second term, he cannot be reelected again; much of what he hopes to accomplish, will be stopped by the house — if they do not impeach him first. The Democratic Party has nowhere to go from here, but back to the center. Otherwise, that party will go extinct.

If all of you, and you know who you all are — do not think that I will not bail back to the Democratic Party side of things. Think again. Hillary might run again, and I think I could live with her being President; she cannot do any worse than Obama. I love this Country, but I cannot sit here and overlook this sort of stuff much longer. There needs to be reform in the conservative movement and this is one of things that needs to be reformed and that is the nuanced racism on the right. It is sickening, it cheapens the movement and it makes us looks like idiots or worse.

In closing: I love my Country, and I hate what the Democrats in the Bill Clinton era did to it. I also hate what Barack Obama did to the Country as well. However, I hate equally hate what is happening in the Conservative movement right now. It sickens me to my core, as an American, as a Christian and as someone who wants to see the Republicans win in 2016. As Mitt Romney said, we can do better than this and the Conservative movement CAN do better! This nuenced racism towards minorites needs to stop! It is not funny, it is not Conservative, it is not Christian and it should not even be named in our movement at all!

The above is what I think, and I would like to know, what you think. Leave a comment, if you agree.

Thanks for reading,
-Charles Patrick Adkins
Thinking Americanist

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  1. I am not sure what you are talking about. America was founded as a white Christian nation for their progeny. So unless you are a white man, you have no place in America. You must be speaking of the corporate entity known as UNITED STATES which you are a (illegal) 14th amendment citizen (a non person).

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