Idiot of the week

This guy, as described below, gets the award:

It’s become a tradition on every holiday that somewhere in the country a taxpayer supported university professor will come forth to trash one of our American traditions and this holiday season we were treated to a claim that Thanksgiving is really just a celebration of “genocide” created by “Nazis.”

A long-time, extreme left-winger named Robert Jensen, a taxpayer supported journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, felt Thanksgiving eve was the perfect time to unleash his latest anti-American screed on the radical website Alternet. Titled “No Thanks for Thanksgiving,” Jensen claimed that this most gentle of holidays is really nothing but a celebration of genocide sponsored by Americans who are little different than Nazis.

To Jensen, Thanksgiving isn’t a day to give thanks for what we have, it isn’t a spiritual day to reflect on one’s good fortune, it is instead a “white-supremacist holiday” that would be better spent in a “day of mourning” for the “genocide” evil whites perpetrated against America’s native people.

Leave aside Jensen’s racist tendency of assuming every Indian tribe is just like the next — some Indian tribes welcomed and worked with the European “invaders,” as Jensen put it — he also illegitimately claims that the U.S. is an “empire.” It never has been

via University Prof: Thanksgiving is a Nazi Holiday | Wizbang.

Click here to get read the idiot’s diatribe against Thanksgiving.  and believe me; I use the word “idiot”, because I am too nice and really do not like write profanity on this blog, unless it is absolutely warranted, like in this case here

Bill Quick Says:

Since he seems to hate everything that he is – white, male, American – I suggest that the only rational solution for him is to shove a gun down his gullet and pull the trigger.

If he’s unclear on the mechanics of such an act, I’m sure they are any number of volunteers willing to help him out. To end his pain, you know.

Amen to that, seeing he hates America and all, I am all for ending his suffering. Now, before any of the idiot liberals that happen to read this blog; lose their minds, this is sarcasm. One point that I really think really needs to made is this one, and Warner Todd Huston makes it so very well:

Good thing he makes his living off a racist, capitalist, woman-hating country, isn’t it?

On the Taxpayer’s dime, no less. This is what your tax dollars pay for; an American-hating liberal, who thinks we’re all Nazi’s.

Unbelievable. :roll:


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