Rats jumping from the sinking ship?

Sounds vaguely familiar….

(CNN) — Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced his resignation Monday, saying he will quit politics in January to spend more time with his family.

His resignation comes at a highly delicate time for Israel, which is observing a fragile cease-fire in Gaza with the militant Palestinian group Hamas after an eight-day conflict that killed more than 160 people, the overwhelming majority of them Palestinians.

Barak, who is married and the father of three children, said Monday at a news conference in Tel Aviv that he will continue as defense minister for the next three months before elections due in January. He said he won’t contest the elections.

Some Israeli political commentators had speculated ahead of the announcement that Barak was planning to quit the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new center-left party.

via Israeli Defense Minister Barak says he’s quitting politics – CNN.com.

This could be the reason too, Pamela Geller saith:

Netanyahu is going into an election cycle in Egypt. He didn’t want to have to stand for re-election being the man who oversaw the destruction of Israel’s relationship with the United States. And so he had to accept Obama’s demands. This is a shameful pretense.

Clearly, Netanyahu came under enormous pressure from Obama and Clinton, but so what? The Obama administration has supported the most vicious enemies of Israel (the Muslim Brotherhood). Bibi is responsible for the security of his nation. Period. This hudna gives the jihadists time to regroup, rearm and rebuild. Any nation involved in a war should finish it. It must win or be defeated.

Israel gave away Gaza for peace and got jihad in return. The delusion is over. The Israelis can no longer avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

Maybe Mr. Barak sees what is coming and wants out before it all hits the fan.

Update: Bill Quick disagrees and he does have a point.

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