Video: Bob Costas explains himself

The only real quibble I have with this, is this: The gun culture that Bob Costas is referring to, is mostly promoted by Gangster Rap. Most of those guns that are in the inner cities are illegally bought and owned. Most legal gun owners are upstanding citizens, and not deranged nut jobs like the guy who shot up that theater or the guy who shot Gabrielle Giffords.

The painful truth is, that both of these guys bought these guns legally, and even I, as strong of a supporter of the second amendment as I am; I will concede that background checks would be a good idea, on the state level, with states sharing information. Now that would be a good idea. As for what kind of background, I believe checking for like serious health illnesses, such as mental illness and whether that person takes medication for some sort of illness is not unreasonable.

Either way, this video is very good. I think Costas defended his position well, I do not agree with it. I do not believe that the “Gun Culture” is necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that it has been exploited, by the gangsta rap culture.

(Via Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Page)

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