Local Story: Dope-headed parents from Wyandotte looking at prison time

I have no children of my own, but when it comes to kids, I have zero tolerance for stuff like this here:

A Wyandotte couple accused of forcing their two young children to stand in steaming hot water for so long that the youngsters’ feet were severely burned waived their rights to a preliminary hearing on Thursday, sending their cases straight to the Wayne County Circuit Court.

Erica Anne Bohn, 24, and Brandon Edward Soules, 28, will face a separate arraignment at 9 a.m. Dec. 20 in circuit court. Both are charged with two felony counts of second-degree child abuse, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Twenty-seventh District Judge Randall Kalmbach ordered that bond be continued as previously set—$20,000/10 percent for Bohn and $30,000/10 percent for Soules.

Neither have posted bond and remain locked up in the Wayne County Jail.

via Wyandotte Parents Waive Prelim; Head to Trial on Child Abuse Charges – Wyandotte, MI Patch.

Erica Anne Bohn, 25, and Brandon Edward Soules, 29 — Two dope-headed pukes who belong on death row, but will rot in a jail cell for a very long time — as they should!

People should not do drugs, that is a given; it is something I believe, sue me. People with kids, should really not do drugs and if they do; they should lose their kids, if they are caught doing the drugs. This right here, is a perfect example as to why I happen to be of that opinion.

Furthermore, this woman should be not be allowed to ever have anymore children. That’s right, I believe that this idiotic woman ought to be forced to have a hysterectomy. Cut off the breeding grounds, so this dope-headed fiend of a woman cannot breed again. Also too, force this man to be clipped too, so that he cannot be a sperm donor to anymore dope headed women.

I am normally an open-minded person, when it comes to such things. However, when it comes to children, I am the quintessential narrow-minded Luddite. You just do not do to children, what these two bastards did; and expect any sort of pity out of me, at all, period, end of story.

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