A perfect example of why the right believes the left is pure evil

Here is the New York Times living up to its reputation among the right, as a left-wing propaganda outlet:

People in the rural, hilly areas around Newtown, Conn., are used to gunfire. In one woodsy stretch, southeast of downtown, the Pequot Fish and Game Club and the Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association, where members can fish in ponds and hunt pheasant, lie within a mile of each other, and people who live nearby generally call them good neighbors.

But in the last couple of years, residents began noticing loud, repeated gunfire, and even explosions, coming from new places. Near a trailer park. By a boat launch. Next to well-appointed houses. At 2:20 p.m. on one Wednesday last spring, multiple shots were reported in a wooded area on Cold Spring Road near South Main Street, right across the road from an elementary school.

Yet recent efforts by the police chief and other town leaders to gain some control over the shooting and the weaponry turned into a tumultuous civic fight, with traditional hunters and discreet gun owners opposed by assault weapon enthusiasts, and a modest tolerance for bearing arms competing with the staunch views of a gun industry trade association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which has made Newtown its home.

The place that witnessed one of the worst mass killings in United States history on Friday, leaving 20 schoolchildren and 8 adults dead, is a bucolic New England town comfortable with its firearms, and not an obvious arena for the nation’s debate over gun control. But the legislative battle right here shows how even the slightest attempts to impose restrictions on guns can run into withering resistance, made all the more pointed by the escalation in firepower.

“Something needs to be done,” said Joel T. Faxon, a hunter and a member of the town’s police commission, who championed the shooting restrictions. “These are not normal guns, that people need. These are guns for an arsenal, and you get lunatics like this guy who goes into a school fully armed and protected to take return fire. We live in a town, not in a war.”

The gunman’s mother, Nancy Lanza, had collected several weapons, including powerful handguns and a semiautomatic rifle that she and her son, Adam, were fond of shooting, and it remains unclear where they took their target practice. Much of the gunfire and the explosions reported by residents to the police in recent months came from a spot less than three miles from their house. Police logs identified the spot as one of the town’s many unlicensed gun ranges, where the familiar noise of hunting rifles has grown to include automatic gunfire and explosions that have shaken houses.

via In Newtown, Conn., a Stiff Resistance to Gun Restrictions – NYTimes.com.

….and what is at the very bottom of this story? This:

The owner of one, Scott Ostrovsky, said he and his friends had been shooting automatic weapons since he bought the 23-acre property more than 12 years ago. It is safe, he said, because his land is sandwiched between two other gun ranges, the 123-acre Pequot hunting club and the 500-acre Fairfield club.

The explosions his neighbors hear are targets that are legally available at hunting outlets. “If you’re good old boys like we are, they are exciting,” he said. He said he was distraught at the school massacre but said guns should not be made the “scapegoat.”

“Guns are why we’re free in this country, and people lose sight of that when tragedies like this happen,” he said. “A gun didn’t kill all those children, a disturbed man killed all those children.”

Nothing but the truth….

You see, this is why the right hates the left with a passion; because of stories like this one here. Which are nothing more than left-wing propaganda dressed up as real news. The term for it is activist media. This is why people like Bill O’Reilly and Rupert Murdoch despise the New York Times and every other liberal controlled media outlet.

Oh sure, let’s make everyone who owns a gun, who supports the second amendment, disagrees with Barack Obama’s politics and the Democratic Party’s politics out to be psychotic domestic terrorists. Way to go guys, why to fucking go. :roll:  I mean, seriously? Is this the means to an end? Is this the way we are going to treat each other? Are we going paint Conservative or liberal political counterparts as terrorists? Is this the path that we really want to take?

If so, count me out. I am not interested in making people I disagree with into monsters; I might not like some of the actions of the right; in fact, I am disgusted by a good deal of what is happening now on the right. However, I am not interested in demonizing people. It takes a special sort of asshole to do what the left is going to those who believe in owning guns. Using a tragic event like this for political advancement or in this case, retreat — is will beyond my ability to be in agreement.

I have said this before, although I do not believe that I have actually written it before. So, it is time that I did. I was reading earlier tonight about what happened here in Ann Arbor and in Detroit, in the 1960’s. How the hippy movement and counterculture got started. How that John Sinclair and friends dared to stand up against evil Government forces who were simply wrong. I was really enjoying reading about it at this site here.

Anyhow, I will just say it. It has become painfully aware to this disillusionment riddled democrat — turned right of center, turned back to Independent —- that the counterculture left has actually become the establishment left, and you know something? They are just as evil as the people that they were fighting against in the 1960’s. I mean, taking guns away people? Are you people honestly serious? Is this what the left, and the Democratic Party establishment now wants to be known as, anti-gun? anti-second amendment? Do you people have any semblance of knowledge about what our founding fathers fought and died for? Not to mention those who found in all of our wars!

This is not any sort of “greater good.” This is not progress, this is fascism of the Nazi sort and of the sort that came from the soviet empire!  This is why the phrase “Don’t tread on me” came to be! Because big Government statists were trying to tread on the rights of the people. If this sort of gun legislation is passed through, it will be the end of the Democratic Party for a very long time, I can assure you of that. This is not the 1990’s people, this is 2012 and the right is much organized, and if this happens there will be hell to pay come 2014. I can assure you of that. You think the Koch brothers are trouble now? You just try to pass an “Assault Rifle Ban.”

This union busting crap that I was complaining about, is a flash in the pan to what the establishment right and the grass will do, should the Democrats try to pass something like that. I can assure you, it will get ugly. No, I am not talking about violence, silly. I am talking about elections, and politics. It will get ugly and I can see the fallout now, and it is one that I shudder to think about.

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