Audio: Hard Words from Cornel West

Go watch the video at

In response to this, I simply say this:

This is the grave site of my late Cousin, Michael Landon Hill, who was killed by two black and one Latino Detroit Police Officers in 1994. He, Mr. Cornell is unavailable for comment on your accusation that when blacks are killed, no one cares and when Whites are killed everyone cares. When my cousin was murdered by your people, the media did not care, they did not cover it, and in fact, they fled from the scene, when they heard the person shot was white and cops were black.
So, your little accusation, like every other fucking thing out of your mouth — is bullshit. I am sure Michael would agree too.
Rest in Peace Michael, I won’t let your death be in vain. I shall throw this in face of blacks everywhere, every time that they spout that racist bullshit.

…and that, is all. :mad:

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