UPDATE : Alex Jones versus Piers Morgan

I have written in here before about how I am not a fan of Piers Morgan and I am not really. But this right here, did us no favors at all, those of us who believe in the second amendment:

If that was not bad enough, there is this:

Again, I am sympathetic to the second amendment cause as anyone; but putting Alex Jones on to rant about an American revolution is just not the way to fight for gun rights. I also notice that this story very quickly disappeared from Drudge’s front page and for good reason. I don’t believe we need Alex Jones as our spokesman for the second amendment.



Update: I watched the second video. My impression is this, Alex Jones is either telling the truth or he is one hell of a good actor. Jones is not too far away from the truth about the Mafia and the New World Order stuff. Truth is, he did go into the belly of the beast there in New York.

As for Alex Jones himself, I believe that Morgan got the reaction he wanted from Jones and it suited his agenda well. It might have backfired against the gun defenders however, because toward the end, Jones sounded a bit like he was challenging Bloomberg to a duel or something. Again, it is not that I don’t support what the right believes in gun rights, I do. I still just do not believe that the purpose of gun rights was served well here.


AllahPundit Snarks:

It’s like criticizing a skeptic for inviting the “experts” from “Ancient Aliens” on and then not asking thoughtful questions about aerodynamics. Just wind ‘em up and let ‘em go.

Now that, is funny. Ha! AP also asks for followup question. So, here’s mine. Who the hell had the idiotic idea of allowing this idiot on to defend gun rights!?!?! 😯

You can get Alex Jones version of events here.  I didn’t watch the video, I didn’t have the stomach.

Update #2: Mitch Berg is thinking along the same lines as me.

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UPDATE : Alex Jones versus Piers Morgan — 4 Comments

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