Ugh: This Again?

Thanks to “Da Tech Guy” for defending me.

I apologized and wrote a mea culpa about all this. I don’t know who’s spreading what; But, I wish they’d just damned stop or at least stop linking to my blog.

I guess I’ll have to update my archives… Grrrrrr… 😡



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About The American Patriot

Short Bio: I started blogging about politics in 2006, as a populist, skeptical left of center type, with a blog called simply, "The Populist." In 2007, that blog was hacked by some nasty, evil neoconservatives who sought to silence me. During the 2008 election cycle, around the middle of 2007, I began to see that I really did not fit within those circles and after my blog was hacked; I created a blog called "Political Byline" and I kept writing; first as a Centrist and then as a Paleoconservative. For my long bio, see the "About Me" section on this blog.


Ugh: This Again? — 2 Comments

  1. I think you’re missing the point Pat, this happened independently of you, I don’t even know if your blog was the source.of Crying Wolf blogs bad info.

    But it’s was a great cautionary tale of how bad info, or even embarrassing info, can live on via the net long after it is corrected.

    • I am not missing the point of anything. You think Zilla is the only person that’s been slandered? Try googling my full name Charles Patrick Adkins. Try googling Charles K8CPA. I have been called a racist, an anti-Semite and every other vile thing under the sun. But because its Zilla, it’s a horrible thing. But, when it comes to me, nobody gives a crap!

      So. While I think it’s bad she got slandered, I have to wonder, what’s the real motivation here? Is it to make a point? Or is it to further slander me?

      I really have wonder, considering who your friends are.

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