1. I think you’re missing the point Pat, this happened independently of you, I don’t even know if your blog was the source.of Crying Wolf blogs bad info.

    But it’s was a great cautionary tale of how bad info, or even embarrassing info, can live on via the net long after it is corrected.

    • I am not missing the point of anything. You think Zilla is the only person that’s been slandered? Try googling my full name Charles Patrick Adkins. Try googling Charles K8CPA. I have been called a racist, an anti-Semite and every other vile thing under the sun. But because its Zilla, it’s a horrible thing. But, when it comes to me, nobody gives a crap!

      So. While I think it’s bad she got slandered, I have to wonder, what’s the real motivation here? Is it to make a point? Or is it to further slander me?

      I really have wonder, considering who your friends are.

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