So, Where are the jobs Governor Snyder?

Nothing Unusual, my ass. 😡

(LANSING, Mich.) — Unemployment went up in all of Michigan’s major labor markets, including in the Detroit area, but officials say this is nothing unusual. The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget released a report on Thursday stating that in December the unemployment rate for the Detroit-Warren-Livonia market stood at 10.2 percent, up from 9.7 percent in November. Overall, Michigan’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.9 percent from November to December. —- Detroit Unemployment Rate Increases In Dec. 2013, Joblessness Steady Across Michigan

I have been unemployed since 2005. Nothing unusual my ass! I have to ask our lying piece of crap Governor. Where are the jobs? I voted for you, and then you turned around and lied to every Independent voter and passed “right to starve.” So, Governor? Where are the jobs? :roll:

There aren’t any jobs, at least nothing that I am qualified for, that is. 😡 I thought this new Governor was going to bring in the jobs, I guess I was lied to, just liker Obama lied to the Democrats, this joker lied to us here in Michigan too. Never trust Democrats or Republicans; ever. They lie too much.


So, Where are the jobs Governor Snyder? — 1 Comment

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