1. John Ingham

    I would like to know when the Christian soldiers freedom of speech is going to be honored? I agree that their are indeed places where Christian beliefs are not tolerated. However I would like someone to explain to me as to why this has to be the case here state side. Where is the outrage by the Christian’s on this matter? We seem to be sitting back while our rights are being trampled on. It is past time that the Christian leadership regardless of faith stand up and speak out against what is going on.

    • I hear ya John. What you are seeing is the cultural Marxism on full display. It’s sad, but it is happening. Christians won’t speak out, because they are scared to. It’s the same thing with Abortion. Christian’s were asleep at the switch when it came to that; and now, we have the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. It’s a sad thing. :(

      Thanks for your comment!


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