Will Anti-White racial bias play a part in this case?

I am thinking so:

Two strikingly different portraits emerged Tuesday of the Lilburn resident charged with fatally shooting a 22-year-old who mistakenly pulled into his driveway.

According to his lawyer, Phillip Sailors was a frightened retiree who fired his .22 revolver at Rodrigo Diaz because he feared for his life.

But Diaz’s girlfriend painted a more menacing imagine of Sailors as a elderly vigilante who shot without asking questions. According to Angie Rebolledo, after he shot Diaz, the 69-year-old Vietnam vet pointed the gun at her.

The couple, accompanied by two other friends, had pulled into Sailors’ driveway by mistake, thinking it was the home of another friend. The group had planned to go ice skating.

Rebolledo, 17, was sitting next to her boyfriend in the front seat when he was struck in the side of the head. As she tended to Diaz, she said Sailors showed no remorse and offered no assistance.

“I want him to spend all his life in prison,” she said. “He is a crazy man.

via Two portraits emerge of Lilburn shooter | www.ajc.com.

The shooter:

The so-called victim:








It is the usual story, crazy old white man shoots an Mexican immigrant that can do no wrong. Here is a novel idea, had this stupid immigrant not been here and had been in his own damned Country, where he truly really belonged; he would still be alive. But, no, he was in this Country, taking a job away from an American citizen and was out running around and pulled into a driveway of a 69-year-old man, scaring him to death and got shot. I got four words: Cry Me a River. :roll:

Furthermore, I would like to see this man’s papers, if he even has any to start with; was this man and his family here legally? If so, show his papers. If not, get out my country and shut the hell up!


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