Ronald Brownstein at National Journal confirms what I have believed for a while

That is that the Democrats have basically told the “Blue Dogs” to piss off and die:

With his suddenly aggressive second-term agenda, President Obama is recasting the Democratic Party around the priorities of the growing coalition that reelected him—and, in the process, reshaping the debate with the GOP in ways that will reverberate through 2016 and beyond. On issues from gay rights to gun control, immigration reform, and climate change—all of which he highlighted in his ringing Inaugural Address last week—Obama is now unreservedly articulating the preferences of the Democratic “coalition of the ascendant” centered on minorities, the millennial generation, and socially liberal upscale whites, especially women. Across all of these issues, and many others such as the pace of withdrawal from Afghanistan and ending the ban on women in combat, Obama is displaying much less concern than most national Democratic leaders since the 1960s about antagonizing culturally conservative blue-collar, older, and rural whites, many of whom oppose them. —- Why Obama Is Giving Up on Right-Leaning Whites –

I can tell you now; if the Democrats believe that this sort of thing will be good for the future of the party; and for winning elections — they are very wrong. Because there are not enough white city liberals to win an election. The Republicans did do some outreach to the heartland and to some typically very liberal areas, with some good success. Could you imagine, if the Republicans finally were actually able to get someone to connect with those people?

I also believe that another reason the white, rural, Conservative Democrats are feeling alienated from the Democrats is because every time there is a shooting of some sort; the Democrats want to try to push though some sort of gun ban. Which is quite frankly, stupid. Because whether the Democrats want to admit it or not; Guns are a part of the culture of America and this goes way back into history. The United States of America was founded at the end of gun. We fought wars to make our separation from the British stick with guns. We also quelled a southern rebellion with guns.

So, this whole entire idea that we have to disarm society is quite frankly un-American. The Democrats need to learn that lesson, or they will pay dearly for it in the next coming elections in 2014 and 2016. Because the American people are just not going to pick a political party that wants to make us into Europe. Just is not going to happen at all.

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