Let ’em start their own damned group

Once again the tampon Femi-Nazis want to change everything. 

A Florida economic group’s new logo has sparked an unintended gender debate among business leaders. Enterprise Florida has unveiled its new logo: the word “FLORIDA” written in green letters, picturing an orange necktie as the letter “I.” The tag line reads, “The Perfect Climate For Business.” But some female business leaders are calling the logo sexist, since neckties tend to be gender-specific. “It’s clearly a strong visual that business and men go together,” Susan Stackhouse, CEO of Stellar Partners Inc., told the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Sally Grant, a Sunrise, Fla., business owner, said the agency that works to lure new businesses to Florida might as well tack on “for men” to the new logo’s tag line, “The perfect climate for business,” the Sun Sentinel reports. — Feminists deem economic group’s necktie logo ‘sexist’ – Washington Times

The group is unbowed:

Enterprise Florida Public Relations Manager Sean Helton disagrees, telling Fox 35 the company has no intentions of changing the logo.
“We feel confident in the brand, as a clear and effective message to both businesses in the state and worldwide, that Florida is a top destination for business,” he said.

Which is a nice way of saying, “Suck it bitches, we are not changing anything!” Which is what they should have said in the first place. Idiot Femi-Nazis, I detest them with every fiber of my damned being. 😡 

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