UPDATED: Ed Brayton is still an America-hating bigot.

Nice to see that Ed Brayton is still a bigot, and I donated to the guy too, when he had his little health scare a while back too. Which is pretty ironic, because I never got a personal thank you, screw you or anything.

I don’t think anyone should say the pledge at any time, in any language, but at least this way they’re learning something and perhaps managing to overcome that provincialism and xenophobia that America is so well known for. But the hyper-nationalist, we ain’t had no need for book learnin’ crowd was bound to lose their minds over it. They’re worried that if their kids learn a phrase in French or Arabic they’re going to become suicide bombers who surrender before they set off the bomb. Or something. Reminds me of the old story, possibly apocryphal, about the Texas legislator who said, “If English is good enough for our lord and savior Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for me.” — Colorado Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic; Freakout Ensues » Dispatches from the Culture Wars

This is the reply I left over on his site:

Sorry Ed, But I must respectfully disagree on this one.

You live in America, You learn English and you recite the pledge in English. Period, End of Story.

American Nationalist? You bet your sweet butt I am.

I figure if these kids cannot learn OUR language, they ought to just go back to their home Countries where they really belong.

Racist? Nope. Just someone who would like to see our pledge recited in our home language here.

Nationalist? You Bet. Hyper? Nah, I’m too old. But, I do love my Country, and hate it when I see immigrants and interlopers disrespecting it.

…and it’s nice to see that you are bigoted towards southern folk. I’ll keep that in mind.

I now regret donating that $5.00. Maybe the next little scare, you won’t be so lucky. Just a thought.

I figure if Ed can be a bigoted jerk towards people from the south; I can be a classless a-hole about him and his supposed health scare. It just so happens that my Father, whom I have written about here; happens to hail from Kentucky, and my Mother happens to hail from Georgia. I find Ed’s comments condescending, classless and asinine. I now regret that little $5.00 donation that I made to Ed. I thought I would be the adult between us, put the ill will between us and give to the guy. Update: Retracted. See Below. —  Well, it seems that Ed has proven to me, that I am the adult and he is nothing more than a man-child. Because only a man-child would write such an idiotic blog entry such as that. It reeks of elitism, condescension, and rank idiocy.

Someday, hopefully, Brayton will grow up, get a job and do something productive with his life; instead of sitting around and mocking people that he disagrees with on the internet. But, I won’t hold my breath, least I turn blue and die.

Update: Here’s the comment that Ed Brayton left over at his posting directed at me:

And our old pal Pat, who has spent considerable effort trying to make nice with me and tell me how much he’s changed (with no response from me because I’m just not that naive) once again reveals why I consider him a weapons-grade moron. The kids did learn English (pro tip: it’s hard to translate from English if one does not speak it) and they are Americans, not those mythical evil foreigners who come here and never learn the language (in fact, language assimilation is nearly universal by the second generation — you know, like kids in school). What they did here was try to learn another language; it’s the learning part that really annoys these pseudo-patriots (pseudo because they think patriotism is about xenophobia rather than about trying to make the country a better place).

And yes, next time I have a health scare I might not be so lucky. But it will have nothing at all to do with anything I write about. And if me writing something he disagrees with makes him regret the $5 he took out of the allowance his parents give him and donated to me after my health scare, then it was inevitable that he would regret it. *shrug*

Yep, that is the best the Brayton can do right there. When confronted with the fact that he is nothing more than an Anti-Christian, Anti-Nationalist, America-hating bigot. The best thing that he can do, is offer up 3rd grade insults and playground comebacks. He also is very ate up with himself too; he seems to believe that I was giving him a donation to try and  suck up to him or something. Which is, of course, a bunch of bunk. No matter. I did not do it for anything, other than trying to be a compassionate human being. I said that I regretted giving him anything. I retract that, I do not regret it. Because I was following the mandate of the Bible, which says, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” I didn’t really expect anything in return.

To address his childish insults towards me, I simply say this: Those who live in class houses, ought not to throw stones. He and I are both unemployed. So, for him to take a swipe at me about my money; is a bad case of projection. As for living with my parents; my parents are both in their mid 60’s and neither of them are getting around well at all. I am here to help them out, as they need the help. I do not ask them for anything; other than a roof over my head, and 3 square meals a day. Anything over that, is usually their idea, and not mine. Furthermore, I am, as I say in my bio section on here, an only child. I am all they have. Ed knows this, but he thinks its funny to mock my situation. Which is not entirely surprising considering he is a God-denying heathen. I am doing what the Bible says that I have to do; and that is tending to my parents in their old age. Something Mr. Brayton obviously knows nothing about.


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