1. I think it’s significant that in resignation he stated he will be devoting his life to prayer.

    Over the last few weeks we have been reading the Letters of Paul at mass talking about the different gifts. One can’t always do what they once could, but they can always do something

  2. No comment. I don`t want to inhibit your thinly veiled animosity.
    I`m a Roman Catholic. Say what you will. If you TRULY believe what you say,then SAY IT. You`ll get no confronatation from me.
    With unconditional love.
    In Christ`s service
    Gene Henley
    Roman Catholic Judeo Christian

  3. Oh and Gene, I deleted your last comment.

    This is not a Christian Blog per se. It is a political blog, that just happens to be owned by a Fundamental Baptist. I have my position on everything; Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Masons — everything. If those positions bother you; please, feel free to read somewhere else.

    I’m not in the business of being politically correct to please people of the likes of you at all.

    Your so-called “Mother Church” was responsible for torturing and killing my Baptist forefathers. I have not forgotten that, nor will I never. Furthermore, your so-called Church teaches that Salvation only comes from them, and them alone. That is blasphemy and I will call them on it till I draw my last breath.

    Let’s not even get into the child molestation that your so-called “Church” covered up for many years, until it was literally impossible to do so anymore. Something that Alberto Rivera, himself a former Jesuit Priest exposed MANY years before it became the big scandal that it is today.

    So, next time you come here, and post a comment like that, you’ll be banned, like the rest of the idiot trolls who post here.

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