Own too much stuff? Your city can call you a hoarder, set your house on fire and tear it down

This is unreal.

Check the video:

The local story via The Downriver News Herald:

TAYLOR — Cleanup after an early morning house fire continued throughout the day today on Goddard Road near Oak.

The house in the 23300 block of Goddard, across from the main fire station and City Hall, continued to smolder as it was being torn down at 11 a.m.

The house had been vacant for 20 years and was filled with debris in what Fire Chief Bob Tompos called a “hoarder situation.”

The fire started at 5 a.m. in the basement, Deputy Chief Dan Reynolds said, although the cause is still being investigated.

Debris inside was at window level on the main floor and about 6 inches from the ceiling in the basement. The attic also was filled.

Once the fire began, entry to the residence was obstructed by the items inside, which Reynolds estimated were 85 percent garbage.

With no one inside, responders contained the fire and poured water on it, Tompos said.

A section of the first floor was found collapsed into the basement due to the weight of the debris and fire damage inside, Reynolds said, contributing to the decision to raze the structure.

The fire burned for about two hours before being extinguished, although numerous hot spots smoldered and continued to crop up, delaying the demolition.

So, there you have it. Like to collect stuff? Don’t do it in Taylor, Michigan. because if you do; they’ll tear your house down. I got $5 that says someone from the city had that house torched, because someone was complaining about it and the city was powerless to do anything about it. So, about five in the morning, someone, most likely paid by the city, torched the house.

Just to be honest, I cannot prove my allegations at all. But I can tell you this; I have friends who live over in that city and the corruption in that it city is quite well known, and has been going on for years. Why do you think that the city is having so many problems? Because the past leadership over there was horrible corrupt for years— just like Ecorse and Detroit.

Even it is was a “hoarder,” does not that city have to get permission from the owners to tear it down like that, whatever happened to property rights? Whatever happened to getting a order from a court to tear something down, before just barging onto someone’s property and razing a building? Could not the fire dept just stay out and keep the fire from spreading? It just sounds like progressive leadership and city gone horrible wrong, if you ask me.

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