UPDATED: Detroit continues its swirl down the drain

But simply, this is what happens when you pursue a socialist agenda. This might just be America in a few years.


(WXYZ) – After reviewing the city’s finances, Detroit’s Financial Review Team has concluded that a financial emergency exists within the City of Detroit and it will be up to Governor Rick Snyder to determine if the state should extend a consent agreement with the city to resolve the crisis – or appoint an emergency financial manager.

In the report, the Review Team states there is no satisfactory plan that exists to resolve a serious financial problem.

Here’s the documents:

Review Team Report 2-19-13 by

Det_ReviewTeam Rpt 2-19-13 by

Review Team Report (Supplemental) 2-19-13 by

I would assume that this basically means that Detroit is just downright broke. It’s sad too. Detroit was once a great city, but it has gone downhill since Mayor Young took it over in 1978.

I think all Americans ought to take a hard look at this, and ask yourselves, “Do I want this for America?”

Just my Opinion.

Update: Yikes Indeed. Ordinarily, I would be a bit ticked off about a blog posting of this sort about Detroit. However, I will fully concede the point that Detroit has made a good deal of mistakes over the years; some that predate even me.  One of which was chasing the only honest black man who was Mayor of that city in the 1990’s in favor of a corrupt Democrat Mayor that is now looking at some sweet jail time for his corruption. The second major mistake was the throwing off of the free market capitalism in favor of an entitlement, racially based, socialist system that ended up bankrupting the city. It is a sad thing to say about one’s hometown; but it is, inevitably, the truth. I just hope and pray that Michigan can fix the problem, before things get worse down there. Because sometimes, Detroit’s problems spill over into the suburbs.

Still, it is a bit tough to see the city that I grew up in, as a kid, going through the stuff that it is going through; all the while knowing that it all could have been prevented. It does sadden me to my core. Detroit was once a great city, and now, it is, what it is. Which is nothing short of a crap-hole of socialism, black entitlement and utter waste. If anything, for the United States of America, Detroit should be an example of what not to do, when running a city.

Just my opinion.


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