apologies for silence

I just really have not been feeling the need to write anything as of late. My mind has been occupied with other things here as of late. Namely trying to get back into the truck driving business. I applied for a major company and am waiting to hear back. I will be applying for another here tomorrow.

What this means is that I will be most likely on the road for 30 days on end, and home for a few days and then off again. A refresher course will be needed, it is mainly for the insurance companies; which I happen to think that reform is highly overdue, especially with the trucking industry, it should fall under labor department rules and regulations. Trucking is exempt from those rules and regulations; for better….or worse. 🙁

What this also means that my internet access and my ability to write will be limited, while I am refreshing myself to the art of driving a semi-truck and until I am able to afford a smart phone. I am hoping against hope, that my truck will have some sort of internet with the Qualcomm system in it. But, I will not hold my breath.

It just really pisses me the hell off that I have been out of truck for 10 years now. In 2003, I went to school to get my CDL-A and instead of being smart and getting with a good company and going over the road for two good years and actually learning to drive a fucking truck; like you are supposed to — stupid me, goes out and gets with some small time operator, because I want to stay near home. Anyhow, I ended up with a person who was a bigger idiot than me; and I promptly get into a fucking accident with my truck. Luckily, no one died and I really did not damage anything, except for an errant light pole that happened to be in my way.

The good thing, the idiot truck owner; who was really a moron, lost his authority to pull loads and is no longer in business. The bad part is this; All of this happened back in 2003-2004. I have not drove a truck since then. To any and all trucking companies, I am basically considered a high risk and would not be hired. Insurance companies would not insure me at all.  So this means, I have to go with a company, like Swift Transport, or one that has a trucking school to go to a class to teach me something that I already know how to do —- drive a truck. :roll:

After this, then I have to ride with someone, who is considered a trainer, for as long as the company thinks that I need to do it; all the while paying me chicken feed, while the trucking company keeps the profit. It is called legalized slave labor and it does piss me off a great deal. 😡 Not to mention that fact, that I might end up with some AIDS infested faggot or some cowboy, who thinks going down mountains at 90 MPH is a cool thing to do. Now as for the faggot comment. A bit of person revelation here: When I was 9-year-old, someone tried to molest me; basically a kid in Jr. High, caught me in the bathroom at school and wanted me to give him a BJ. I reported it, and he was expelled. Ever since then, I have been leery about being around men in close quarters, like sleeping.

Either way, it is the route that I have to go; because I really, outside of a miracle, do not have any other choice at this point. That is if I even can get hired by a company at all.

So, as you can see, my mind is in other places at the moment. I will try to keep everyone informed about what is going on. This writing is not paying anything anymore; and I have to get out from under my parents. Living here is not easy anymore. I’ll just put it like that.

Pray for me — much, please. 

Update: I almost forgot to add this following: Add to all this above, that I have two 60-something year old parents. 68 and 65 and I am an only child. I am all they have. When something bad goes down. I am the only thing they have to be there for them. 🙁