Why I believe that John Yoo is a slant-eyed piece of excrement

Because of idiot tripe like this here, which is related to the Iraq War.

Quote, emphasis mine: (H/T Think Progress)

Even though the benefits outweighed the costs, that does not mean we simply leave Iraq once we depose the Husseins. The legal system in such situations might still require a benefiting party to compensate a harmed party. In other words, we allow one harm to occur in society because there is a greater good achieved — but then the legal system can intervene afterward to require sharing of the benefits between the plaintiff and defendant.

And isn’t that what we did in Iraq? We spent billions of dollars in Iraq as damages. We did so not because the war was wrong, but because it was right — and we shared the benefits of the war with the Iraqi people by transferring some of it in the form of reconstruction funds.

So, a war based upon bad intelligence was totally worth it; because it made the Iraqi’s some money. This slant-eyed piece of shit ought to be DEPORTED back to South Korea where he truly damned belongs. If that so-called President was any sort of pro-American President he would revoke this nut job’s citizenship and get him out of America post-haste!

Just my opinion.

UPDATE: Before anyone goes, “Hey! What about this here?!” I will simply say this here: Most of the time, I respect people’s race, color and creed. John Yoo is a notable exception to that rule. John Yoo was responsible for one of the worst war-related debacles ever. He gets no respect from this White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. May he burn in the devil’s living and eternal hell. He belongs in South Korea or preferably in North Korea with the rest of the communists.

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