UpdatedBREAKING NEWS – Local Story: Eighth grade student brings gun to school, kills himself, because he was bullied – Police and School officials now saying bullying not the cause

I suppose the Gun Control nuts will just love this:

SOUTHGATE — An eighth-grader at Davidson Middle School shot and killed himself in a bathroom this morning, school officials said.

Students told The News-Herald Newspapers the teen said he was depressed because he was being bullied. One classmate, who said he spoke to the student prior to the shooting, said the teen said he was thinking of taking his life.

The school was placed on lockdown at about 8:30 a.m. Although school Supt. William Grusecki was unavailable for comment, his office said the lockdown was due to a “situation with a student.”

A press conference was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. to address the situation.

News outlets are reporting the student shot himself in the head and left a note.

An eighth-grader inside the school said he was in class and heard a shot. He said the it sounded like glass breaking and a teacher rushed to a bathroom.

Students were visibly shaken as they were led out of the school. Parents were called to come and pick them up

via SOUTHGATE: Davidson Middle School reeling from student’s suicide – thenewsherald.com.

What I want to know is, where the hell was the school at, to stop such bullying? For those who do not know; Southgate, Michigan is right next door to my city here in Lincoln Park. It is less the a mile away. I would go over there and see if I could get pictures; but Southgate is a bit of a tough city to outsiders. They are known to arrest people that they do not like the looks of, so I will stay away from the scene.

If I were the parents of this child, who killed himself; I would sue the parents of the children, who did the bullying. I would also sue the school district for not protecting my child from such bullying. It is very obvious that someone, somewhere in that school, knew that this was going on and turned and looked the other way.

Furthermore, I believe that the parents of the children, who did the bullying, ought to be held accountable for their children’s actions. The parents ought to be charged, in the case, with first degree murder.

Now, as for the gun rights people, vs the Gun Rights people; I really do not believe it would have mattered here. Most likely, this kid got this gun from his Dad’s collection, and took it to school and killed himself. No amount of gun laws, would have prevented this one at all. I should also point out, that this school, according to the Detroit News, does not have metal detectors, as it is an older school and not only that; it is a rather nice area. Southgate, Michigan is not really known for school violence; after all, it is not Detroit. Countdown to being called a racist in 5….4…3…..2….

In closing: First off, my prayers to the people involved, including the family of the deceased child. 🙁 Also, something needs to be done about bullying, it is just that simple. This is what caused the Columbine school shooting and a few tragic others. It needs to be dealt with and quickly, before anyone else gets shot.

Update: Police and school officials are now saying bullying was not the cause of the Suicide. I hold this is high suspicion, I think someone is trying to cover their behinds. Here is the video of the presser from earlier: (via WXYZ-TV)

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