Open message to Mark Steyn: screw you, you Canadian interloper prick

It’s nice to see the neoconservative’s resident wanna-be Kike is still drinking the kool-aid 10 years later:

Ten years ago, along with three-quarters of the American people, including the men just appointed as President Obama’s secretaries of state and defense, I supported the invasion of Iraq. A decade on, unlike most of the American people, including John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, I’ll stand by that original judgment.

via Geopolitical ADHD – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.

For what it is truly worth, I have ADHD and yes I am under a doctor’s care for it. Which is why I tend to want to kick those, who use the term in a glib or condescending way such as this here — square in the damned teeth.

Perhaps Steyn might look into getting his head out of the collective ass of the neoconservative right and check out this piece, which I blogged about earlier.


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