When a blogger dies

A voice is silenced, a keyboard and voice goes black.

We bloggers; left and right, are the 6’th estate, which rail against the corporate media and against tyrannical Governments  —- no matter which side politically that they happen to be on and where those Governments happen to be in the World of ours. Our battle is not with guns, or knives; or even fists. We battle with the very thing that can change the course of human history —- words.

We have lost another voice, another fighter in the battle for the soul of America. Another voice in the argument of ideas. Another voice of independent media.

Amusing Bunni has died

For the record: I did not even know her personally; nor did I have any personal interaction with her. However, I happen to be  co-enlisted with her, in this battle for the soul of this great Country of ours. We both were were writers and yes, bloggers. Those of us, who still believed in the founding principles of this great Country of ours. One of which is a timeless principle —- Freedom.

Godspeed to her, may she rest in peace.

Update: Camp of the Saints has a excellent posting up remembering this blogger as well.

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Short Bio: I started blogging about politics in 2006, as a populist, skeptical left of center type, with a blog called simply, "The Populist." I suspect, but cannot prove; that my blog might have been hacked by some evil neoconservatives. I cannot prove that at all and also too, around the same time. Hackers from China where attacking wordpress blogs. I believe either the Neocons or the Chinese got my site. I don't know honestly know which. Either way, by 2007, I began to see that I really did not fit within the Democrat Party and liberal circles and after my blog was hacked; I created a blog called "Political Byline" and I kept writing; first as a Centrist and then as a Paleoconservative. For my long bio, see the "About Me" section on this blog.

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