Because it does not fit the narrative

Dan Riehl notes the following about a shooting that happened up in New York:

Tragic to be sure. But in researching the item – other than this early NY Post item the media fails to mention that the perp is apparently an Hispanic male. Even the NYT’s seems to have decided that tidbit of news is somehow not fit to print. I wonder why?








I can answer that question Dan and I am sure many other people can too. The truth is that this story does not fit the liberal narrative, that the only people who go around shooting Homosexuals are legally licensed gun hoarding, Christian, White Americans. Which is an absolute lie, the majority of violence against gays is usually carried about by minorities who are carrying illegally owned guns. Again, this does not fit the narrative.

Trust me, I know all about narratives: In 1994, my cousin, Michael Landon Hill was brutally murdered by two black and one latino corrupt Detroit police officers. If my cousin had been black, he would have some sort of memorial in southwest Detroit. But, because he was a white man and his killers black and Latino, the only kind of memorial he has is this one here:

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