Video: Most Transparent Administration Ever?

This comes via Ed Morrissey, who posted in the’s echo chamber “Green Room.”:

Now, allow me to say a few things as an independent political blogger and voter.  This video above is so true. The right, of course, knows it; as they made it. However, the left knows it too and it is killing them. Of course, there will be the Obama loyalists who will defend him until the very last day. However, the grassroots left, they know that they were lied to, taken advantage of and basically screwed over by the party establishment.

Now, I have been hearing figures on the left saying that the Democrats will get behind Hillary. I have one thing to say about that little mistake: Good luck with that one! Hillary is basically damaged goods. The Benghazi scandal, regardless of how much of  it is Republican and Conservative propaganda and how much of it is true; Hillary’s name is on it and whomever runs against her will use that to their advantage — both in the general election and in the Democratic Party primary. That’s right folks, if a Democrat wants to slay Hillary’s machine, all they need to do is play the clip of her saying, “What does it matter?” over and over and over — she will lose and I mean lose big.

The ironic part is, that the Democrats have no one to blame, and I mean, no one — except themselves.  The Democrats chose skin color and affirmative action over true political experience. The Democrats because of their wish to control and expand the size of Government; elected twice, one of the members of the corrupt Chicago political machine — which is about as, or even more corrupt than the Texas political machine, of which President George W. Bush ex parte.

Let this be a lesson to all Americans; left, right and center — that the solution to corrupt, big government statism is not more corruption and big government statism. The lesson is also this; never choose personality or skin color over experience and never choose a candidate that represents that same very things that the last President represented, but with a different party label. Anyone that believes that there is any difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties anyone, is a fool. Both are corrupt, both are for big Government and both are controlled by lobbyists.

The question is this; can we change this? At one point, I believed we could. But, as of late, I am quite skeptical. I believe America has been lulled back to sleep and the downfall is coming. I dread the day; but all we can do, those of us who are awake, is pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

Prepare yourselves — Physically, Spiritually and mentally. Because, it is coming.


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