It is official: I leave for 9 weeks of training for new job

I wrote about this the other day, but it is now official.

On the 15’th of this month, I will be shipping off to Indianapolis, Indiana for 9 weeks (!) of training to become an over the road truck driver.

I know, it sounds like forever, but really, it is simply 3 weeks in Indy for classroom and maneuvers practice.  Then it’s off with a trainer for 6 weeks of simply driving with a trainer. I will be doing, hopefully most of the 48 states and maybe Canada.

I will be taking the laptop and checking in via wifi at the truck stops each night. I also, once I go solo, will be buying a phone, trucker gps, and a decent freezer cooler. Once get the phone, I will be posting video updates here and over on the youtube channel that I created. I am also thinking of creating a separate blog dedicated solely to trucking. I have a name and a URL for that picked out; stay tuned for further updates on that one.

It feels so good to be finally doing the right thing with my career and more than anything else; getting back to work — after 9 years of being unemployed.  😀

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