Sean Hannity loses even Pat Buchanan

Man, when you lose Pat Buchanan, you know you are in trouble.

Video: (H/T Crooks and Liars)

I never was much of a Sean Hannity fan; he’s like the annoying rich kid at a party. He just annoys me. Compared to Hannity, Bill O’Reilly is so much saner and that is not saying much, let me tell you.

This here could very well be why Hannity’s show is going away and Megan Kelly is moving to that time slot.

Either way, it is pretty bad, when a staunch Conservative like Buchanan tells someone like Hannity that he is basically full of crap.

I just watched the clip and it is obvious to me that Sean Hannity is simply interested in slamming President Obama, no matter what he does. That is not legitimate political commentary, that is nothing more than ad-hominem attacks. For that alone, Sean Hannity should lose his show.

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