1. Karl Stecher (@reachthecrest)

    This anecdote does not vindicate the “death panels” correct statement by Sarah Palin. Vindication was already done by anyone who read the ACA law and saw what the IPAB was empowered to do. Anyone (and I incriminate the mass left wing media) who said there were not death panels three years ago, and today, were ignorant of the law or were lying.

      • Karl Stecher (@reachthecrest)

        As this article uses as its premise the death panel statement by Sarah Palin, assaulted by the media, the anecdote presented in your article did not speak to the death panels, the IPAB. That is what my comment referred to. You seem to have missed that point. The lying about keeping your doctor and insurance is separate, came later, and was not what the media assaulted either as an intentional Obama cover lie or by their ignorance.
        It is pretty nasty and incorrect of you to insult my fundamental reading.
        On the other hand, critical reading and understanding is, unfortunately today, a more advanced skill. I hope you will someday be able to acquire it.

  2. I voted for the McCain/Palin team in 2008. I won’t vote for either again. Obamacare did not have to be. Obama usurped the Presidency. Neither Obama or McCain are Natural-Born Citizens. Palin and McCain bit their tongues on this usurpation because they were in on it.

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