November and December Fundraiser

I am doing this now before the Holidays get here.

As you all know this is an independent blog and I receive no funding from any sort of special interest groups at all. If you happen to enjoy the work that I do here. I kindly ask you to help me out with the hosting around here. I would also like to spend a little money in advertising; and believe me when I tell you, it is not cheap at all.

There is one thing to be sure of, the trotskyite Neoconservatives are not going to support this blog! Heck, I cannot even get them to link to my blog at all. They are too busy calling me an anti-semite and racist.

Anyhow, the total bill for my hosting is $112.20 a year. My next bill is due on 01/08/2014. Plus, I have to renew my domain at $15.00 I would like to be able to tell my parents; whom I live with, due to the economic situation here in Michigan; and due to getting screwed out of a job, by some really hateful people —- that my readers footed my hosting bill; that would be awesome testimony to Conservatives and those who care about black on white violence. Not to mention those who happen to love their Country and want to see it become a better one.

If you would like to help, there are several options:

First: There is Rally, which is a pretty cool fundraising system:

Click here to donate via

Then, there is the old standby, paypal, which has the option of recurring donations.

Donate via PayPal:



Donation Options

Please Note: you can stop support by pressing this button:

If you do not trust paypal, and many people do not; and I can understand that — there is another way to help out.

It is called WePay:

To donate via WePay, add your donation about and click on the button, a popup window will come up, and go from there.


When you enter your amount, a little window will popup and you can enter in your info and donate to the blog. It is completely safe and your privacy is insured.

To donate via Check or Money Order, please do so to this address:

Charles Patrick Adkins
1821 Leblanc St.
Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146-3915

Please make all checks and money orders out to “Charles Adkins” (without quotes) this is my first name.

Thanks as you give, and know what you are doing is keeping a totally independent voice that stands for those who cannot or are afraid to speak out against this totalitarian Government and media lap-dogs that do their bidding —- on the air and broadcasting clear!

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