Glenn Beck’s bizarre rant against the Pledge of Allegiance and the American National Anthem

This is one of the reasons why I happen to think that Glenn Beck has slipped into crank territory.

This comes via Ed Brayton, who has criticized me in the past; However, when he has a point, he has a point —- this is bizarre:

To be fair, Beck claims to be a libertarian. Libertarians like Lew Rockwell believe that our flag, pledge and such are components of the “imperialist state.” Which has been a boogeyman of people like Rockwell for years. Also too, I believe that Glenn Beck is mistakenly conflating American Nationalism and Nationalist Socialism; which is tragic. I am an American Nationalist and I do not support Nationalist Socialism at all. I am not a Nazi supporter, Hitler was an evil man; who scapegoated the Jews for the failures of a poorly run Government in Germany. Anyone who says anything other than that, is partaking in historical revisionism. Furthermore, the Nationalist Socialist movement was Hitler’s attempt to perfect communism; which was the combining of private industry with the Government. Simply put, it was fascism without any pretenses.

I love my Country and I firmly respect that many a man have fought on battlefields, foreign and domestic for the simple idea of Liberty. Now Glenn Beck does have a point about Wilsonian foreign policy; however, to say what he is saying about the Anthem and the pledge is simply bogus.

Which is why it is quite rare if I do ever link his site at all. I do, once and a while; especially if it is a news story that I cannot find anywhere else. But, as a rule, I tend to steer clear from there.

Glenn Beck might have been correct about the left and it’s creation of Barack Obama; but I believe he is way off the mark here; and in a big way.

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