The “Ford is adding jobs” story is a fraud

This story here is nothing more than a big, fat, fraud:

Dearborn — Ford Motor Co. plans to add 5,000 U.S. jobs in 2014 as it prepares to launch 16 new vehicles in North America, the most in any one year of the automaker’s 111-year history.

About 3,300 will be salaried positions in the Southeast Michigan area. The remaining 1,700 will be hourly hires spread out throughout the country. Seven North American plants will add capacity or get a new product next year.

Ford will introduce next-generations of its F-150 pickup truck and Mustang car and add a compact Lincoln MKC to its lineup in 2014, along with a new Transit van.

Ford had five North American vehicle launches in 2013.

via Ford to add 5,000 jobs in 2014 | The Detroit News.

Okay, here is why this story is nothing more than a big, fat, fraud. One reason is because before they allow any new hires in, the union will tell Ford; “You have to bring back any laid off people, before you hire from the outside.” Second of all, if you do not have a high school diploma, or at least a 2 year degree; you will not get hired at all. Actually, Ford likes to see at least 2 years of manufacturing experience before they will even remotely look at your application.

So, the idea that Ford is just going to hire people off the street is a nothing more than a big, fat, propaganda lie. How do I know this? My Father is a retired G.M. worker and they have been doing the same thing for years.

Nice try though.

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2 thoughts on “The “Ford is adding jobs” story is a fraud

  1. Your blog is not entirely true. What they have said is essentially factual. Anyone who is on ILO (Involuntary Layoff) will be brought back and that is essentially an added job because that job did not exist hence the person being on ILO. Furthermore, if they had been on layoff for an extended period of time, they could run out their sub and unemployment and wouldn’t have the GEN to back them up. And if they’re adding 3,300 salaried jobs those jobs are new. And the jobs that have been added in the past couple of years at my plant, the new hires have had NO manufacturing experience! Ford may do things differently than GM and things may have changed since your father retired.

    1. Hi Mary,

      You might be right about that. But, usually, the big three will go through a temp agency to weed out the people that cannot cut the mustard. That is what they are or at least were doing at G.M. there for a while. What also happens is, that those temps will work for less then half of what the normal hourly employees work for. Then, when they do hire them in, they pay them less than what the other Union workers make. At least, that is what they were doing at G.M. for a long while. I heard that the UAW was griping about that; and wanted to change it. Whether they did or not, I have no idea.

      I still say that it’s propaganda for good press. Because I know damned well that I could not get a job in there, at all. Besides all that; I would never work for Ford anyhow; that would be the ultimate stab in my Father’s back. GM all the way. That’s where I’d love to work; running a hi-low, like my Dad did. Can I get in there; hell no. I don’t have a diploma and I’d like to work for what my dad did, a real living wage and not chicken feed.

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