Video: Police State in High River, Alberta Canada

Could this be coming to America?

The Video:

Via Top Conservative News, who notes the following:

During the summer of 2013, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP] used the Alberta flood as cover to conduct a test run for a massive door to door gun confiscation.

Sun News says High River, Alberta was turned into a “Totalitarian Disney Land.”

RCMP ordered thirteen thousand residents of High Water to evacuate. Then they went house to house smashing in doors, and looting homes. Some residents say they smashed doors that weren’t even locked.

Over 1,900 homes were illegally entered. RCMP storm troopers stole legal firearms from over 100 of those houses.

Residents of High Water were barred from even viewing their homes for 26 days. Homes were allowed to become completely destroyed because residents were banned from starting the cleanup.

My friends, we must, at all costs, prevent this sort of thing from happening here in America.


5 thoughts on “Video: Police State in High River, Alberta Canada

  1. The homes were locked and no one was aloud in the town apart the police and army so the guns were at no risk of being used in any crime. So the police fu*ked up ! :(

    • I think it’s fair to point out though, that in New Orleans there was a lot of Anarchy that was going on down there. Like people shooting at the police, the looting of businesses and other such stuff.

      Up in Canada the only thing that happened was supposedly someone threatened the police there saying if they didn’t let them back in their homes there was going to be civil disobedience. That’s a big difference.

      I am NOT saying that what the police did up in Canada was justified. But there was a slight difference in the actions of the police in New Orleans and up in Canada. What happened in New Orleans was also wrong but there was a justified reason for their fear in New Orleans; and that’s because people were shooting at the media and shooting at the police.

      I know this because I saw it happen live on TV. What happened up in Canada was an overreaction and it was wrong and should something should be done about it.

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