Former Denver County Pig gets 5 years for punching restrained drunk teen in the face

Justice has been served: (H/T Reason Hit and Run)


Piglet is going to jail….

DENVER — A former Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for punching a teenager in the face while the teen was strapped to a gurney, District Attorney Dave Young’s office announced.

David Morrow, 30, was convicted in August of two counts of assault and one count of child abuse in the June 12, 2011, incident.

Morrow had responded to a disturbance call at 8790 Welby Road in Adams County. According to court records and evidence presented during the trial, the 15-year-old boy, who appeared highly intoxicated, was taken into custody and transported by ambulance to the hospital because parent contact information could not be obtained from him.

The ambulance attendant had restrained the juvenile’s hands and feet because of his verbally combative behavior. Morrow struck the juvenile on the face with a closed fist while the teen was restrained on the ambulance gurney.

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Serves him right, you abuse your badge; you should go to jail. Just that simple. It’s too bad that the pigs who killed Kelly Thomas did not get the same sentence.

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