Video: On the transgender bathroom issue and other stuff

I haven’t posted one of these in a while and posted here in a while either. Sorry. 🙁 Just ain’t been feeling like writing.

But, here’s a video:

No, the Breitbart story title is not Anti-Semitic

It appears that the silliness of trump is spreading into non-conservative circles.

I say this because The Daily Caller, Mother Jones and The Week are all having heart palpitations over this headline that appeared over at


Anyone else, besides me, notice who it is written by?

Memo to those who are having a hairy fit over the title of the article; it was written by David Horowitz, who is Jewish. Not to mention the fact that the guy who now owns, is also Jewish. So, please, everyone calm down. Just because the word Jew was used, doesn’t mean it is hatred.

It’s pretty bad, when a WASP like me, has to point these things out. :roll:

Videos: Could this be what is coming at the DNC Convention and at the GOP convention?

Check out these videos, which come via The American Mirror and The Daily Caller:

This is at the Democratic Party Convention in Nevada:

This ought to be a warning to the elites and also to the grassroots in both parties. Which is why I will not be going to any conventions. 😯

Owner of blog “Advance Indiana” found DEAD of so-called “suicide”

From what you can see in the video below, which comes via, this blogger was an exposor of corruption and he was found dead of a suicide in a stairwell where he lived at.

I don’t know about you guys. but, this doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m thinking this guy got too close to something and they took him out. check out the video below:

Something stinks here and I mean bad.

Amanda Carpenter sounds like a spiteful b*tch

You know, I supported this woman, when all that nonsense came out a while back and now that her candidate has lost, she puts out this below:

If there is one beautiful thing about Trump nearly securing the GOP nomination, it’s that no one owes him anything. Not a handshake. Not a congratulatory press release. Nada. Consider yourselves liberated. There’s no normal obligation to support Trump as the nominee. He has both policy and personality issues that make him unfit for the highest office in the land. – Source: Liberated by Trump

My response to this is: No one is obligated to believe that you were not screwing Ted Cruz either; but I do. Just sayin’ 😡

Ted Cruz supporters are such sore losers, kind of like Ted himself. :roll: