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This is starting to become a regular thing. 😡 Another “lone wolf” has howled and his name was John Russell Houser. The stories: Medium:Lafayette Theater Shooter Fan of Hitler, Neo-Nazis, and Antigovernment Conspiracies Associated Press: The Latest: TV host says theater gunman advocated violence David Weigel / Washington Post: TV hosts remember alleged Lafayette gunman as anti-tax, […]

More Black on White Crime: Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Obama’s world. Here is another horrible black on white crime that is being totally ignored in the main stream media. If the races were reversed; this would be a huge story in the media. Via Conservative Headlines: Jeremy Cook, An 18 year old white male, had just moved to Toronto. He left his […]

Liberal Progressive bloggers exploit tragedy for political gain

To surmise, a tragic event took place in Florida; where a man, who had too much to drink, shot a woman in the forehead and she died. The original story is here. Here is the video report: Well, the classless and uncouth progressive left is now exploiting this tragic event, for all it is worth […]


Ouch! FREMONT TOWNSHIP, MI — A 51-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the face after she slammed the butt end of a shotgun on the floor, causing it to discharge, the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Department reports.  Deputies were called about 10 a.m. Monday, July 14, to a house on Waterman in Fremont Township for a report of a […]

Sorry, but this is just stupid

Sorry, but this is just stupid and does nothing to support our cause, which is protecting the second amendment. It doesn’t help protect the first amendment either. Plus too: It’s illegal. Photo: The story: (and yes, I am linking to this site, because I want people to see the stupidity on the right) This is […]