Video: Art Thompson on Dangers of Arming ‘Moderate’ Muslims

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On Obama’s Iraq Airstrikes

I was away on personal business and I did not have a chance to comment on what’s happening in Iraq.

Here’s the video of the announcement from President Obama: (via The White House)

Now, there are doubters. Via the Daily Beast:

Friday morning, with a humanitarian mission already underway, the United States began airstrikes on ISIS in northern Iraq. What had been the U.S. policy—to rely on local forces to contain ISIS while waiting for a new Iraqi government to reach a political solution—is finished. The new policy is still taking shape, but it may eventually lead to more involvement from the special operations troops who have been in Iraq for weeks.

President Obama said Thursday night he had authorized airstrikes to protect American personnel and the Yazidi minority group stranded by ISIS on top of Mt. Sinjar. A senior administration official later stressed to reporters that U.S. forces were not launching a “sustained campaign” against ISIS in Iraq.

But with the Kurds, America’s closest allies in the fight, recovering from heavy losses, some analysts and military veterans say that airstrikes alone may not be enough to turn the tide. A sustained—if small-scale—campaign may be the only way to achieve that.

…..and, of course, the neocon hawks:

President Obama’s limited strikes on ISIS in northern Iraq are “pinpricks” that are “meaningless” and “worse than nothing,” according to one of his fiercest foreign policy critics, Sen. John McCain.

By committing U.S. military forces to fight again in Iraq while explicitly limiting the mission to protection of American personnel and Iraqi minorities, Obama has failed to come up with a plan that has any hope of stopping the ISIS advances across Iraq and Syria, said McCain. It’s a position that puts him somewhat at odds with other Republicans, who are offering cautious support for the airstrikes in Iraq – and concern that the president doesn’t have a comprehensive strategy to combat the growing threat of ISIS..

McCain, a consistent advocate for the application of American military power around the world, has long pushed for greater U.S. involvement in Iraq. But these strikes Friday were not what McCain had in mind.

“This is a pinprick,” McCain told The Daily Beast in an interview Friday, about the two 500-pound smart bombs U.S. airplanes dropped on ISIS convoys Friday. The vehicles were approaching Erbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan, were many U.S. diplomatic and military personnel reside.

Now, honestly, I am going to give the President the benefit of the doubt and I am going to hope like heck, that the President knows just what the heck he is doing. As for what the President is doing and whether it will be enough or not — I have one thing to say about it — We will soon find out.

Because if it is not enough and we do kill some of those ISIS members; and it does not wipe them out and only strengthens them, we could very well find ourselves in another protracted battle in Iraq. I would hope that this would not be the case; but I have my doubts. I will say this: I highly doubt that President Obama will be as careless and reckless in his fighting this battle, as Bush was during the Iraq War that lasted for 8 years.

I just hope that I am right; for the sake of America.

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A very good observation

This, I agree with….

DaTechGuy observes:

How is it possible if Israel is the 2nd coming of the Nazi that arab & Muslim populations grow where they rule while in places like Iraq where devout Muslims are taking control the Christian population flees for its life (following the jews who fled over half a century ago).

If you can come up with a good answer I’d be delighted to hear it.

My thoughts exactly. Which is why I take the position on Gaza and Hamas as I do. The funny thing is that the liberal media will try and say that Israel and Gaza; and Iraq are two separate issues. I call bullcrap on that one — it is the same issue; it is Islam. Islam is an intolerant religion that demands 100% loyalty and believes that killing to get that loyalty is justified, and if read the Koran, you will see that, according to the koran, it is justified.

Which further reinforces my ever growing belief that Islam is not a religion of peace; but a cult of death; and of which the practice of it should outlawed in the United States of America and those practice it should be given two choices; renounce it or be deported to your homeland and if you live here, you should be told, this religion is a threat to the national security and its practice is forbidden. If they refuse to renounce it, they should be put into camps and herded, like the dogs they are.

You say, what I have written is harsh? You say what I have written is racist? You say what I have written is un-American? Tell that to the people in Israel who are having to run for the lives to bomb shelters in Israel. Tell that to the Christians in Iraq who are having their possessions; houses, cars….everything taken from them by Muslims. Tell them how intolerant that my remarks are; and you what? They will agree….with me! 

I pray that people’s eyes will be open to what these Arab Bastards are truly about that Christians will get off the lovey-dovey crap and take up arms to fight these people, once and for all.

Liberals, Neocons and 9/11

I am writing this because of something I saw on another blog, namely the neoconservative leaning Now, I understand “AllahPundit”‘s humor. I also understand the silliness of Rosie O’Donnell.

However, there is one thing that I will never change on; and that is my mistrust of the United States Government. I did not trust it when I was blogging as a “historic populist” and I still do not trust it. I felt that the United States Government was out of control, when Bush sent us into Iraq; just like I did when Bill Clinton signed off on Janet Reno’s sending in the tanks into the Branch Davidian compound, that caused David Koresh to kill his own people. Furthermore, I felt that the executive branch was out of control, when Bush pressed congress for the invasion of Iraq; just as I do with Obama and his “end running” around Congress.

Sure, Rosie’s verbalizing what many, like myself, feel about 9/11 and related events; was, at best sloppy. However, I believe that we will never know, what really happened on 9/11 and who all was involved; at least not until all the principles are long dead. Some people are content to accept the Government’s narrative and are content to believe that what the Government says is one hundred percent true; just because President Bush was in office —- I, on the other hand, do not have such issues.

Please, do not misunderstand me here; I am not, nor have I ever been a “9/11 truther.” Because most of the people that promote that sort of a thing, have some sort of an agenda, whether it be political or financial. I have no such agenda. I am saying that the Government pulled off the attack? No. What I am saying is, that there is a good deal of information that has not been released to the American people, either because of political reasons or because of pending cases. I also happen to believe that there are more facts related to the Trade Center Towers collapsing that never have been brought to light. Again, due to pending cases or because of political reasons. Now, for the record, I do not happen to agree with Rosie O’Donnell’s statement; what I do believe that anyone who calls someone like myself, who wants ALL of the truth out there, a truther or toofer or worse; a Marxist liberal, is playing straight out of the Al-Qaeda handbook.

Just as well, I do NOT happen to believe that the Jews did 9/11, nor do I believe that the Bush Administration did it either. Neither are smart enough to do it; nor are they smart enough to keep it a secret. I do however, believe that there were more terrorists in this Country; than the ones who died in those planes on 9/11 and I believe that some of them might have gained access to the WTC buildings — and could very well have detonated those towers and other buildings from remote control or with a timed device.

In closing: One of the biggest mistakes that I made, when I came to the blogging scene was assuming that, just because I happened to disagree with Bush that I had to be a Democrat or at least vote for them; which I did for a very long time — that is until 2007, when I decided that party was just not for me any longer. One of the biggest lies is that the Democratic Party happens to stand for the working class in this Country, of which I happen to be. The truth is that the Democratic Party does not happen to give a remote flip about the working class, the middle class or even small business owners any longer.

Because of this ignorance, I allowed myself to get sucked into the propaganda that the left spews out on a daily basis; which has become more deluded since the election of President Obama. There are divisions that are forming; the Obama loyalists versus the rest of the party and grassroots. Still though, both sides do have a common causes and basically that is “social justice” or basically a marxist Government.

Thank God that the Democratic Party finally took off the mask; and stopped playing that center-left charade and I was able to see them for what they truly really were. As for 9/11: I happen to agree with the notion that neoconservatives are evil people; especially some of those who served in the Bush Administration. However, I will be quite honest; the neo-left is much, much more evil. I would rather suffer under a neoconservative, than live in fear under a neo-leftist President. Truthfully though, I doubt highly another neoconservative will be elected; too many Americans are still bitter over Bush’s mishandling of the Iraq War. I do, however, believe that if the Republican Party plays its cards right, we could very well win in 2016. However, knowing politics like I do; they might just make the same mistakes again.


Military build up begins in Iraq

They are actually doing it again. Building up for another war. This time it might last for a very long time.

The story:

The United States has sent Apache attack helicopters to Iraq as part of the buildup in U.S. military personnel, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Officials would not say how many of the armed helicopters have been sent to the country, stating only that they will be based in Baghdad and could assist with evacuations of American personnel.

The Pentagon also sent over additional surveillance drones.

President Obama on Monday sent 200 additional U.S. troops to Iraq to protect diplomatic facilities and personnel amid growing fears that Sunni militants in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could overrun the country. The order brought the total number of U.S. ground forces in Iraq to 750.

On Monday, the State Department announced it was relocating some of its personnel from Baghdad.

Pentagon Press Secretary Adm. John Kirby declined Tuesday to say whether the situation in Iraq was getting better or worse, but said Iraqi forces in and around Baghdad are preparing to defend themselves.

“We have seen Iraqi security forces in and around Baghdad begin to reinforce themselves and prepare to defend, and they are taking the offensive. And we saw this over the weekend up near Tikrit. So it’s a contested environment right now,” Kirby said.

“The situation on the ground continues to change. It’s very fluid. It’s dynamic. The threat to Baghdad is still very legitimate. And we also want to make sure that we are doing what we can to help our colleagues in the State Department continue to function out of the embassy there and to have the flexibility, if they want to make resource and manning changes there, that we’re able — we’re in a position to help them do that,” Kirby said.

via Pentagon sends attack helicopters to Iraq | TheHill.

It looks like the Neoconservatives and the war party have won again.

Some very good advice on Iraq

One of the best thing written on the situation in Iraq so far, is found here:

At noon today, President Obama issued his first statement on the deteriorating situation on Iraq. “This is not solely or even primarily a military challenge,” he said. “The United States will do our part, but understand that ultimately it’s up to the Iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems.”

Obama left the door open to unspecified “actions,” but repeated that the Iraqis themselves had to seize the opportunity that the years of American effort gave them.

This will no doubt be greeted by the President’s opponents with something akin to apoplexy. They will be arguing that in fact the problem does have a military solution, that the U.S. can solve it, and that whatever is happening, everything would be better if we applied more force.

We have now reached the rather ironic situation in Iraq where we find ourselves allied with Iran in an effort to save the corrupt and thuggish government of Nouri al-Maliki, while the army we spent eight years training falls apart. I’m not going to pretend to have unique insight into Iraqi politics (I’d suggest reading Marc Lynch, for starters, as a way of getting up to speed on what has led to this point).

But there are few people who understand Iraq less than the Republican politicians and pundits who are being sought out for their comments on the current situation.

As you watch the debate on this issue, you should remind yourself that the most prominent voices being heard are the very ones who brought us the Iraq War in the first place, who promised that everything was simple and the only question was whether we’d be “strong” and “decisive” enough — the same thing they’re saying today. They’re the ones who swore that Saddam was in cahoots with Al Qaeda, that he had a terrifying arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, that the war would be quick, easy and cheap, that since Iraq was a largely secular country we wouldn’t have to worry about sectarian conflict, and that democracy would spread throughout the region in short order, bringing peace and prosperity along with it.

via On Iraq, let’s ignore those who got it all wrong – The Washington Post.

Also too, there is some very good writing on Iraq here.


If you’ve been following the news; Iraq is imploding and I mean badly.

There has been a good deal of ink spilled about Iraq; I’ve done a bit of that myself in the past. However, I feel the need to discuss something here: The Left. The thing the cracks me up about the left and Iraq; is that the left is still, to this day, spouting the same old tired line about Iraq: Blame Bush.  :roll:

As much as I hate to admit it; Noah Rothman is absolutely correct. However, I, unlike, Noah, will tell the complete truth about it. (As a former left of center, how could I do any less?) Yes, Bush oversold the war. Yes, Bush was totally incorrect about the reasons for going into Iraq in the first place. Yes, Bush dithered on the execution of the buildup of troops, when the insurgency between Sunni and Shia began; by keeping Rumsfeld in his position for far too long.

However, President Obama has been the President of the United States since January of 2009; that is six whole years. Bush had agreements in place with the Iraqis for a residual forces. When Obama took office, Maliki changed his tune and wanted to be able to prosecute American troops according to Iraqi law; and instead of Obama trying to work with the Iraqis; he simply walked away and began withdrawing ALL forces out of Iraq. This was an epic blunder; and that blunder is all on Obama and the left cannot place that blunder on Bush at all.

The bad part is Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s current President Updated, Please see below! Maliki excluded the Sunni’s out of the Government; this caused major problems. Now, is that, in itself, Obama’s fault? No, it is not. However, President Obama could have handled this situation, a whole bunch better than he did; instead, he was gung-ho about getting out of Iraq, for political reasons and because of that, we have the situation that we do now.  To be clear; this entire thing is Obama’s baby and no amount of historical revisionism is going to change that at all.

Those who try to place the blame of this situation squarely on Bush, including left-wing bloggers; simply have no credible leg to stand on at all.

Update: I guess I should pay better attention, I was under the impression that Maliki was the President of Iraq; I was wrong. Maliki is the prime minister of Iraq and was not voted out of office. This shows you how long its been since I’ve written about Iraq! I’m over here blaming the falling apart on the wrong dude. Oopsie. Sorry about that. I shall pay more attention in the future! :D

Update #2: A perfect example of what I am referring to is found here. National Review refutes the idiocy right here.

So much for a stable, secure and safe Iraq!

Can someone remind me again, why it is that we even bothered going into this Country?

4000+ of our Nation’s treasure; and this is the result? The neocons will say, “we left too early.” I call B.S. we knew this sort of stuff would start right back up, the minute we left. The truth is, we never should have went in there in the first darned place. As 9/11 had zero to do with Iraq at all. Now, you have chaos in Iraq, thanks to the Americans. :roll:

The Story:

BAGHDAD (AP) — A series of car bombs exploded across Iraq’s capital Saturday night, killing at least 52 people in a day of violence that saw militants storm a university in the country’s restive Anbar province and take dozens hostage, authorities said.

The attacks in Baghdad largely focused on Shiite neighborhoods, underscoring the sectarian violence now striking at Iraq years after a similar wave nearly tore the country apart following the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. Now with U.S. troops gone, Iraq founds itself fighting on fronts across the country, as separate clashes in a northern city killed 21 police officers and 38 militants, officials said.

The first Baghdad attack took place Saturday night in the capital’s western Baiyaa district, killing nine people and wounding 22, police said. Later on, seven car bombs in different parts of Baghdad killed at least 41 people and wounded 62, police said. A roadside bomb in western Baghdad also killed two people and wounded six, police said. All the attacks happened in a one-hour period and largely targeted commercial streets in Shiite neighborhoods, authorities said.

Hospital officials confirmed the casualty figures. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release details to journalists.

The day began with militants killing three police officers on guard at the gates of Anbar University, a police and a military official said. Islamic extremists and other anti-government militias have held parts of Anbar’s nearby provincial capital of Ramadi and the city of Fallujah since December amid rising tensions between Sunni Muslims and the Shiite-led government in Baghdad.

The gunmen detained dozens of students inside a university dorm during their attack, the officials said. Sabah Karhout, the head of Anbar’s provincial council, told journalists that hundreds of students were inside the university compound when the attack started at the school. Anbar University says it has more than 10,000 students, making it one of the country’s largest.

According to one student, the gunmen identified themselves as belonging to an al-Qaida splinter group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Sunni terror group, fighting in Syria with other rebels trying to topple President Bashar Assad, is known for massive, bloody attacks in Iraq as well often targeting Shiites that they view as heretics.

The Islamic State did not immediately claim the attack on the school.

Several hours later, gunmen left the university under unclear circumstances.

Students then boarded buses provided by the local government to flee the school, though gunfire erupted as security forces attacked retreating militants, police said.

via Bombs kill 52 as gunmen storm university in Iraq – Daily Inter Lake: Nation/World.