The only person responsible for the UCSB shooting is Elliot Rodger

As I am sure you already know; some deranged nut job named Elliot Rodger opened fire in a neighborhood out in Isla Vista, California near UCSB. Basically, because he couldn’t get laid. Well, the blame game is starting; in fact, one of the … Continue reading

Two White Gonzaga Students Face Possible Expulsion After Pulling Gun On Black Home Intruder

This is sick and sad; but because of the world in which we live; I might how this is going to turn out. The Story: On Friday a university discipline board decided to move forward with sanctions, including possible expulsion, for … Continue reading

Video: Sorry, but this is NOT “standing your ground” in Florida

It’s not even close. The video: Notice how many shots rang out? Now for what this mental midget did: (via Florida Today) Attorneys for a man who police said shot three people at the culmination of a neighborhood feud have … Continue reading

Good Question….

This is why I love the gun-grabbing left; because their hypocrisy stinks to the high heavens. Just like the Republicans and their big-government statist policies. Anyhow, sellout blogger, Glenn Reynolds, himself quite the statist hypocrite; notes the following: HYPOCRISY: Hey, why … Continue reading